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Go to peacock teepee DOT COM download in sought streaming map well. So. Kelly and Elizabeth there in a car and Kelly is She's GonNa be moving to what's called. Think the port streets is that what they called it. And those like fancy fancy neighborhood and is talking about Joe, Lee saying how like? Julius. I'm not all mom. She says like you don't even go to PTO meetings go to the PTO. Meetings where you go and discuss how you have paid time off, right? Yeah. We're not parents I guess that means now that I look at it. A is supposed to be what is supposed to be. What is it? PTA, parent. Teacher Association maybe this PG parent teacher organization or something I. Don't know maybe they've changed it over the years. It sounds very like war in the Middle East. You know one of those things you hear like he was working with the PTO and then they got bombed quit the hell are we talking about here? It could be that too I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly wound up in that organization we're working. I'm not talking about the. The booze. Too. So. They get to the restaurant and they're meeting GINA and Elizabeth Way A. Little. BITs. With Gi was already with her. Okay. So Emily Elizabeth there's so many like white girls from church names in this so I'm getting them confused very easily. So they sit down and he was like, Oh my God you look so different with your head down Elisabeth I mean, you look pretty I mean not that you when your hand was up you weren't pretty. Different like pregnant like attractive like someone be friends with now I mean like not perform but link it looks pretty now only gone home. Just Scorer I I caught some cried hair off another have gray hair. I was told I would get brown back after the divorce which are making tons of money from tons of money from the poor you. What is burnt? Even do like well, can't talk about. A gag order like an actual gag order like if someone to talk to me about. Who that was acting. Thank you very much. But I'll tell you this go to trial. We're go to trial and genius like what do ex well and Kelly. What does he do your eggs and Kelly he's Norwegian. Autoshop Kelly. Moron for someone who can talk about divorce damage she talks about a law shit or get off the pot..

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