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Baseless and dangerous claims about non existent voter fraud. It is inaccurate to say that there's white spread voter fraud in the state of Georgia, the president now hoping to get Republican state legislators to overturn results and choose pro trump electors to assault on our democracy. It's outrageous. It's hard to fathom how this man thinks. This morning. I'll talk to incoming Biden, White House official congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana and Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota plus the covert explosion. I've seen people more safe than I've ever seen in my life and They just dropped so fast, daily case records being set. We're in another emergency here. A quarter million Americans now dead. That's how we're going to get my mom. In the box, the Trump administration refusing to confer with the Biden team. We are in a very serious situation, but we can do something about it. But vaccine help is on the way we have enough vaccine. Those is between these two vaccines to immunize about 20 million people. During the month of December this morning, you'll hear my conversation with Dr Anthony Fauci. I'll talk to months F Flower head of Operation Warp Speed, Joining me for insight and analysis. Our NBC News chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson, Eddie Glaude Jr of Princeton University and a Palmer, senior Washington correspondent for Politico and John Bajorans, editor of commentary. Welcome to Sunday. It's meet the press. From NBC News in Washington, the longest running show in television history. This is meet the press with chuck time. Good Sunday morning. In the days immediately following.

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