Terry Gross, Mabel Mercer, Judy Garland discussed on Fresh Air - Remembering Broadway Legend Barbara Cook


Terry gross first interviewed barbara cook in 1993 here's an exerpt of that conversation i know you said the two of you great influences musically were um judy garland and mabel mercer and what interested me about that is that they're really opposites as performer judy garland was very emotional or was always this tragic or a about her on stage was maple mercer was very regal she sang everything as an art song and sang with a certain amount of emotional distance in a way she never felt she was necessarily singing about herself uh interesting and she was chooses so regal onstage um and i'm wondering what what in in terms of stage presence if you felt you took things from each of them well when judy was here at the palace there's a little after hours club it was called the gold key club and it was a private club you had to have this little gold key fewer a member to get in and i knew the men who played piano they're very often uh she would come over after her performance and uh sink some more for herself in and for her friends and so when she was going to be there he would call man and i would come in so i you know i i could hear her do this stuffed is for herself and um having a chance to observe her so close i've read it learned a lot for the you know i never have still of never had any young coaching per se add my voice teacher mainly while was interested in technique but i haven't had a lot of help with the party of sell us aung of moldova if you know what i mean what i think i learned from garland during during those months was to to think about shaping a song so that had a a beginning a middle in an end and so that it had a a kind of emotional line and that was something that hadn't occurred to me before.

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