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Today why these scattered showers and storms over the next several hours is a strong cold front comes to after the storms coming through. It will turn windy and colder look for a high in the low to mid 80s than falling temperatures. Clear windy colder tonight, Elizabeth 40s to lower 50s. That's a sunshine on Friday, but a breezy and a cool day. Highway in the mid to upper 60s. Sunshine lighter winds on Saturday, high zone of mid 70s. Some like that showers on Sunday, high supper 70s. I'm storm team four meteorologist makes dinner for clouds right now and 74° here in Washington brought to you by long fence, say 15% on long fence Dex pavers and fences got a long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. It's 1110, hurricane Fiona has moved on from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, and is now approaching Bermuda. And joining us live now to chat about preparations there for this category four storm. Robert ray, national weather correspondent for Fox weather channel. Robert, good to have you with us. What can you tell us about conditions right now in Bermuda? Indeed, good morning, Bermuda is just now starting to feel the breeze hurricane Fiona, which is a category four trekking to the north up in the Atlantic. This island 21 square miles. That's it. Nothing to break up any sort of weather patterns that come in are expecting later this evening to start to feel the wrath of Fiona, which will trek about a hundred miles to the west of the island, but still bringing hurricane force winds overnight tonight into tomorrow. It is almost a guarantee that the island of Bermuda will sound like a freight train coming through and across this area. We are not expecting a ton of rain, but the wind will be intense and people are preparing intensely today boarding up a businesses, taking down structures, furnitures from the outside and hunkering down, making sure that their supplies. The expectation of loss of power is significant, down trees, very good possibility as the wind shears come in and structures are in danger. So this is not a place that gets direct hits very much. In fact, only 6 times since the 1800s in records have been taking and there are no stranger at all to these tropical storms and hurricanes, but when you have a system, this large and this intense coming on the outside of the shores, this area, Bermuda is literally preparing for what could be a very nasty

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