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I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we are reaching a state of near anarchy right now in which the law of the land has become irrelevant protesters. They continue to gather outside the homes, the residences of our Supreme Court Justices, where they live with their families, and yet we got crickets on The White House. A better than crickets. The White House is actually all for these protests. Nina I remind them that it's actually against a lot of protests outside the home of Supreme Court Justice, I mean, look, hey, I'm all for you know. Freedom of speech. I am all for peaceful protests. But in this case, what's remarkable here is that we do have a law that says you can't protest outside the home of a Supreme Court Justice. And there was a reason for that, right? There's a reason for that because it's viewed as a form of intimidation and our Supreme Court Justices, they need to be above it all. They need to be above the politics once they're on the bench. And yet, our attorney general, Merrick Garland, he does nothing. Our president, Joe Biden, does nothing. It's in part because, well, I get it. They don't like the decision that the Supreme Court Justices have come to, that has been revealed thanks to the roe V wade weighed leak, but you see that doesn't matter. Not when we have laws on our books that are designed to prevent the protests outside the homes. In fact, new poll shows the majority of Americans, regardless of where they stand on the issue of roe V wade, they don't think this is a good idea. They don't think people should be protesting outside justice's homes, and yet again The White House is silent.

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