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Firefighter? All these people. It's pretty sad. Keeping our commitment to you. It gives you a different perspective of the firefighting. What we do. We are the bay area's news station. All news one six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. It's eleven forty one and interior secretary. Ryan Zinke is back in northern California touring wildfire damage and says that fire recovery costs likely will be in the billions think he said that he's been astonished by the devastation caused by the campfire secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue joins Zinke and visiting the ruins of what's left, and there's not much left to the town of paradise, and he suggested donating timber from the plumas national forest nearby to rebuild the town. Fema has distributed more than twenty million dollars in assistance for people displaced by the campfire and most of it has gone to housing assistance, including vouchers for hotel rooms disaster response is in an early phase. But many people will eventually get longer term housing in trailers or apartments. Fema also has distributed five million dollars to help with other needs including funeral expenses. A teacher at a charter high school in Chico believes in the healing power of dance and art KCBS mortgage. Schaefer tells us about her plans Jarrah miles teaches dance at inspire school of the arts and sciences and Chico to have our. Showcase was actually the night. The fire broke out show is postponed over half, the company lost their homes almost all of those students have reached out to me and want to know when are we getting back to this? What are we gonna do when we get back? Are we still going to have our dance show? I need to Dan the show will go on when the time is right miles says all types of art cannot only be healing. But an escape whether it's visual arts theater music is so hearing so many people and either the act of creating it or even just being the audience. Can do miraculous things. So she and other performing and visual artists are making sure art is part of the rebuilding process and will launch a website at the end of the week. Art, strong Butte county dot org Marg Schaefer KCBS. Sorry. I'm late. I thought he left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny. I left mine opened at a two, but I got a text from my security system, letting me.

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