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That's the big balloons. I've seen that. Yeah it's a big balloon. Ask you come to the balloon sale. You call them the balloon sale. The one that Spinnaker hey look. Westfield wants to use those. Isn't that what he's supposed to do? When when you're over here at the Channel Islands Yacht Club Ville I gotTa tell you. It's all different so when you say. Hey they gotta Guy People Are GonNa look at you like you came right out of some freak. Show if you say spinnaker and what. What else do you call it? They have another word. For it. Just the spinnaker is what I call it. I mean do you. The different sales that run for the You mean oh boy. This guy was so when you the Genoa Jib on the triangle sales. Yeah we got that what you're talking about. Of course the big. The Big Triangle Sail mainsail. Well you you sound like you're Bob. What's the Guy Staying Bobi Booby Dick Moby Dick? Okay Look Sir. I didn't want to call up an antagonize you? It sounds like you want to get into a thing with me. No no no. I don't forget me I make we make fun of guys do that and I don't mean to make funny. I understand that. But you need to understand communicate a certain way. So the You're talking about the sales at the front of the boat right about okay if you will Is it? That's one thing? I don't know if the Journal there. What is the the French about? I'm not wrong. The French and the back is the stern. Okay I had it reversed. Somebody was saying to me the other day that they had the quote had cleaned missing on the on the bow and looking for it. I said you must be. You must be drinking your breakfast. And he said no up there he said go forward and I said go forward just head up toward the bow. Yeah head up to the bow I should. Why don't you just say about and that's where it was missing I. I'm not even sure where we are right now. So you're looking for a thirty foot sloop. Okay yeah thirty foot sloop filled. You know Bob Hitchcock or Tim Swinson you know my my son Jack I'm afraid I don't Sir. All of those guys are involved in boat sales over here. Tim is Primarily the stink parts you know the the cabin cruisers and then My my son is involved in the The sale of the sailboats And is he sort of on the same page with you? In terms of nautical terms. Well come on over here from guys my son. Hi Hi Tim it's Phil Hendrie. All right So you sell sailboats right. Uh-huh okay and those to the phone. Okay eight Sheffield. Just you know. Tim Turn around for me. Counts Tim's at twelve okay. Let's just wait a minute. Okay all right okay. So Tim I want to buy a sailboat. Okay and you have those and tell me. For instance do they come complete with a set of sales? Okay hold on that. He wants to do it. they have The canvas bag started What do you call? It fell below you. Just you go down into where the people sleep below. GotTa canvas bag is is below. You gotta blow. I didn't say blow I sent. He said boil. Bela Bela the L. I'm sorry it's okay son. I'm sorry no it's it's fine so I'm sorry he's very mortified. So we have it and So what do you WanNa come over tomorrow or let me let me make it for the weekend because this is a work week for me and I'm talking to your son Tim. Yeah he's in charge and that right. Tim Yeah and Kimmel show you around. He'll show you the whole Show you where. The boats were where the boats where we parked where we tie them with ropes. To the to the thing you know. Where were you tie them off? Yeah Okay I the only problem with the way you talk is some people. Think you're trying to show me up. No I would never do that. I just it's the Phil Phil per look around sailboats. With his father we just talks. Oh you're all you know it's like second nature to you No no not at all. I mean. As a matter of fact I have to think I have to remember to use the right terms. Well okay here we. This is what we do You WanNa go see the boat. That's tied up It's got a rope tied to a two big sandwich. Is that what you want to see? Yeah I'd like to see the boats that are tied up with rope. Yeah okay well we'll take you and then you can go downstairs. Go to the front. Go to the back. Look at a little round hole and like Robert Shaw Jaws and then we have the big stick. That has the big thing that makes the wind blow in it and And a balloon sale. For when you're running ahead of the wind. What do you call that running before the wind blowing blowing blowing US forward? That's pretty beans. Yeah okay we got running ahead of the win this okay all right. Tim. I'll see you there then this weekend. Okay it's mine the my phone not yours my phone okay. Just over there and sit down now. Okay hold on for minute fill tim but I'm just get there's your skipper had to got. Oh it's fantastic gates. Lots of membership. Lots of Bama Party this weekend. We're GONNA have our fourth of July party this weekend. you're having a great. You're having a fourth of July this weekend. Yes we are because the fourth of July is coming up. So why wouldn't we be? The fourth of July is in July. This is still. It's still April. But Burke site about we're about the summer the summer months are the month for for any yacht club anywhere in the world and as you know general shot and you fell right across the channel from us and the Channel Islands and we take our boats and we have the wind. Blow them over there or we start up the motor and we drive them there We've always looked to our right and look to our left No no we don't go around with that And then we drive our boats and then we throw down. The you know the mental thing. That's the anchor you know it's the this is what we're trying to do. Are you doing to discard all these nautical terms what we're trying to do is discourage nautical terms so that people can chill out? Relax you can come and go. Hey Wow I love it here. This is a wonderful yacht club. And Oh look look to my left and no one's going to break up break anger over your head director of the way you gotTa talk that way. What what are they? Young men say they are isn't expected that you speak in article fashion. No not at art club. No we say up to the front and get that rope and tie it around that metal thing and and we do it really loud and we do it in your face with it. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's what the Channel Islands Yacht Club is known for. You can go to their real high flute and places like Pacific Carinthian or somebody's joints go down to Balboa Yacht Club or Newport Harbor Yacht Club League but what we do here as we say let's get on our boat and drive it over there to that island park and fro the rope down with a big metal thing you know and you do that on purpose just to just to show people back off okay. We're doing it our way you do it your way. Well it's an interesting Do advertise this in your. Oh Yeah it's it's We put it in the Pamphlet in our manual our membership manual and basically here according right now membership manual. We do not use fancy terms like line. Porthole starboard or port. We don't know what they mean and we don't care anyway when you go to the front of the boat. You're at the front of the boat when you go to the back of your at the back and when you go downstairs that's what you did. You went downstairs. You didn't go. Below ha ha ha and then we put the contraction and that the young man be Elo that blows and Okay so that's so that's I didn't know anything about that honestly I didn't either. I have to tell you a west. Would I was calling. I think I would have gotten better prepared. Oh it's all right we we we run into this all the time all the time so all right so. I'M GONNA come over there on Saturday and talk to talk to my son. Tim My son Tim so Mr Henry Tim. Yeah Okay and he'll be here and Tim is twelve but he's I think he's doing good for twelve and you can tell he's bigger than A lot of twelve year olds but not nothing freaky about him. He's twelve yes he's twelve is he. Is He Can I ask you? Does he have the authority to make a sale? I know he'll come to me with any Offers and that but you walk with him and he'll walk and he'll tell you there's well tell us tim going over here. I'll give you an example. It's not necessarily just grab that describe about. Here's a boat. I start again. He's he's a little nervous. Here's a boat we have. There is the boat and see there's chairs and here's how you start the motor. Then you drive it forward then you back it up. Okay Yeah see nothing fancy nothing fancy nothing no fuss no mice right And Tim how does he know how much the boat ways? How much does that? They sail boat to thirty foot. Lunar S. How much does it way with the big with the big thing with the what they call the Keel is it's GonNa Kill Ya there's a Keel But to I don't know we don't know all right so you but it has a Keel Keel. What's about four So it doesn't tip over capsize. Yeah that's again. You're using the fancy words all right. We'll thanks very much. Okay can go sit back down over there? Okay Foghorn Tim You gotta full. Well that's that sounds like. The boy has some some developmental disabilities. No No. There's nothing wrong with my. Why why would you say that? Well come on. We'll you western. Sounds like the man is having a hard time communicating. No no no he. He talks that way so that people won't think that more of a brain. He's really very intelligent. It just talked to a normal. Yes how are you tim? Hi Tim. This is Margaret. Tim So do you really know about sailboats. No I don't know a lot about fan votes i. I absorbed some things in my telling me to talk as if I was autistic Because he didn't want to draw attention to me with planning a big scholarship. Run this summer. I'll be hitting the big colleges back east. You say are you must be like a child prodigy or something they say that you and I don't know he's the thing about teammates. Thank Sean Timms. Brilliant but he can't wipe his own his own anus. Yes simple things like that so. He's going to be a freshman at Harvard next year but he'll need help wiping. Thank you see later Tim out so I guess he doesn't have to talk to me. No you don't have to talk to Mr Henry Okay. Do do the foghorn strategy very good. I'll see you guys there Saturday. All right good.

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