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The way up past hundred fourth before you break loose, it, all southbound two-to-five at I twenty five. That's a new crash on your way. There was a crash northbound five approaching I seventy that isn't a cleanup stages. Your CBS four weather clear. Fifty-three overnight, mostly sunny tomorrow, chance of afternoon. Evening storm, and high of eighty four seventy right now, this report is sponsored by compassion international. Right now, there's a child living in extreme poverty with no future, and no hope you can bring hope to that child, when you become a compassionate, our national sponsor. Just text the word child. Two eight three three nine three and sponsor child right now. Next update six o'clock, KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. But I did have that Cheryl that poster Charlie's angels theme song. Yes. Play seventy. Let's say six seven. Yeah. Right in there. Just so cute. Faira faucet posters and that's an iconic poster. But I actually thought Cheryl Ladd was cuter than faira, which came on the show. I really had a thing for her. I know you are more of a Jacqueline Smith guide. Six to eighty one I was more of a Jacqueline Smith, Kate Jackson, we picture of Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd from that era. They were two of the most beautiful women in the world. These order to posters. For your birthday this weekend. Right..

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