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The majority the showers have been in southwestern parts of the state and up cross the up we've got a couple of showers in the forecast with cooler air high up in the atmosphere coming down from canada kind of a given the atmosphere the ability to rise out there mid60s for high temps today and a 5050 shudder rain showers rumble of thunder this afternoon and tonight low tonight a fifty in town 40s in the suburbs from the weather channel i'm scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr sixty six degrees cloudy skies this hour the dow is down fifty five points i'm marie osborne wjr news the next update's coming up at four o'clock or whenever news breaks no this is the guy gordon show on news talk seven sixty wjr we we actually fowdie sanitized version of the kid rock stump speech the theme at a grand rapids last night we may have a chance to play at for who later he doesn't pull any punches and he manages manages to flame colin kaepernick and white supremacists all in the same breath in the same rhyme no less so we'll see we can get that free in the meantime when i have a collegeage daughter i gotta tell you i was read like a lot of dads should be and would be about the vicgory cavalier way that many campuses took on the subject of sexual misconduct and campus rape some just swept it under the rug and wouldn't even tell well young women on campus that there was a serial rapist in some cases they didn't want the bad publicity well when the obama administration crackdown on that using title line seeing we're gonna put your title nine funds at risk if you don't take this seriously i thought good that's a good thing we'll then i was almost is concerned about my college age sons because good critics immediately said that it lift a young men opened to scurrilous charges and to a diminished due process if they happen to face an allegation of sexual misconduct won't today betsy devos secretary of education on behalf of the trump administration apparently pressed pause on this obama policy and it's kind of.

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