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You know what i'ma comedians comedians and negative positive that's what you get for bothering off to a committee i cried my eyes out and i think that she's just to see her lie you can go i figured rabbi claimed bob did you your toenails ride my frying that does it tears of joy there gay happy to i think there might be a thing about the gay thing i think she's a plane back to the phones caller what's your name of galling hi beat it i'm a big hug from phoenix arizona said the new what's your question q well firstly i love your book i hope he british isn't short laugh ncua won't be well i get my quaking for both those bookish it's beautiful brought down your panel height your a high mccain is from arizona i guess shoes to sack well mike mike is what the night back gate after getting a little bit blitzkrieg bite that day yeah the fateful day i was in the middle of that whole thing and i was saying what are we on pbs won't they go to commercial that's exactly right why didn't they go to commercial and why did they go on the splits screen it was bill getty's wet dream that day you know honestly it happened after did you did you just the build no i in the show and i did actually a couple of segments with our afterwards elizabeth and i was then i walked into my dressing room i got my stuff and i walked out and i knew i would never go back and she never came back to the show now.

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