Dale Earnhardt, Mount Holly Hunter, Warner discussed on Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson


Influence even if he doesn't win the question is will even get on the South Carolina ballot through that usually a big the right days of dry Norma's faith Chuck Todd pre shave been back on that Jack knows his team is just ended so we have to go they twenty does it to me every Sunday nine twenty nine on WBT meet the press ten AM on Sunday morning on NBC Charlotte back to the new center John Stokes investigators will be at the scene today that plane crash involving Dale Earnhardt junior and his family were nobody was seriously hurts Carter county Tennessee sheriff dexter Lunsford I love and one thing that strikes me at the same the little big horn third the fact that okay wrapped around their flying once went to the plane still sitting on an eastern Tennessee highway were came to a stop and went up in flames after skidding off the runway there your city police say two suspicious objects that prompted an evacuation of a major man lower Manhattan subway station earlier this morning our knots explosives this is brought you by QC kinetics offering nonsurgical solutions for tissue tears and arthritis in the shoulders and lower back visit you see can add X. dot com we'll look at traffic now for the W. B. T. train traffic centers have Warner slowdowns for some sort of your brain blocking the roadway on west Berkshire freeway at north Graham street also an accident does remain on east fourth street at queen's road and mount Holly hunter's village Abernathy roads got an injury accident this one partially blocking the roadway a projector most expensive appliance from lightning strikes with an H. back surge protector from prime comfort it will prevent damage to your system while channeling the lightning bolt into the ground at prime comfort they'll.

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