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You're on free talk live. Yeah i just wanted to call and talk about the luther weapons. You've ever talked about the fact that they're A hoax or not. I've i've never heard that claim. Okay and i listened to a lot. And i follow over -tarian circles and i haven't really heard emails talking about it So yeah really. A nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout from nuclear meltdowns at Power plant is all just a hoax The easiest way to tell that it is a hoax is first of all. they've never been independently. Verified is all government's propaganda that there are nuclear weapons Been used go ahead. Fac your contention is that nuclear weapons. Do not exist. Correct a can. I clarify this question. I mean not. I'm not like a science expert or anything like that. Are you saying that atomic weapons are also a hoax or atomic weapons real nuclear weapons hoax nuclear weapons atomic so. You're saying what happened in hiroshima and nagasaki was a hoax correct. What what motivation would japan have had to play along with this hoax from the american government saving millions of lives and saving face. How did that say they were able to millions of lives to allow them to be blown up in two of the largest explosion. I'm sorry you're right. It wasn't the united states. Should pay millions of american life depended. They take that way they could save american lives. The japanese were ready to surrender before the americans. Drop those bombs okay. So why is there at nagasaki right. No scientific evidence over they did. There's no except for all the people who witnessed it and who had their families in their lives torn apart by large explosions. I'm not saying during weapons views. There weren't mom bombs. Oh minutes wait hold on just to clarify. What was it you sir. I just saying yeah there. There were bomb dropped on different atomic bomb. Oh okay so you are acknowledging. There's a tremendous amount of destruction and death brought to the japanese people by the united states. Go okay i was. I was worried for a moment. You were denying that that actually had happened. Okay no no. I'm not so sure. No you're definitely. Why would these soviet government have any motivation whatsoever to make themselves. And their technology. Look weak by perpetrating. This lie about chernobyl. i haven't looked into that. All i can say i mean i. Why would they do that. The sort of the ultimate example of a nuclear power meltdown. You say you know. They don't actually creation. They don't actually have radiation or whatever. My question to you is well. What about this largest nuclear meltdown. Or they must publicized in world history. You haven't looked into that. No no i i listen to. I'm just saying. I haven't the reason they would keep up. The hoke is because they want people to think they have nuclear weapon. Okay here's another question is their nuclear. Is there such a thing as nuclear power or is that also hoax. Yes there isn't there. Okay so i wonder if a nuclear meltdown. It releases some heat done. So you're saying at melt lead so it's definitely quote some he you're saying that if you were If there was a nuclear meltdown the next time. There's a nuclear meltdown. If for whatever reason you could actually get in there because obviously they're gonna lock down the area especially if it's a hoax right so they don't want anybody to get in and see it but if you could would walk right up to the radiator or the or the the towers or whatever it is the thing has say he'd walk to the elephant foot and you'd be everything's fine. You can walk. After a couple of weeks you would suffer. No ill ill interesting. Yeah i've never heard this claim before. What do you base. This claim is the earth. Flat is at one of these kinds of things. Alwa- everybody's not no. Okay let's go. I mean again now. You have to think you've never heard of this. Before first of all again like i was saying the right i they have never been independently. Verified that these nuclear weapons exist. Everything is propaganda from the government. There's no independent japanese people out there. Who would dispute that assertion that it wasn't independently verified as it killed them. Well he saying that wasn't an atomic bomb different from a nuclear weapon. I believe people who died later from radiation poisoning or the people who still having birth defects because of the radiation. There's a whole article written by gentleman online. That goes into all of that I haven't. I'm not an expert. That i can just spout off. What happened it's all documented. Has fakery and the photos and everything that was done You can just search for atomic bomb hoax and you can find out information online about it. survivors scientists. Go ahead so the survivors who talk about radiation poisoning and who in fact died from radiation poisoning or who you know produce. Children had birth defects their government agents. They're making it all up. The media made it up. The media made it. These people exist though. Well yeah but the thing is. There's no such thing as as as nuclear radiation possible that they i mean. It's not impossible that he's right that this is all just a hoax but that these people got themselves sick on their own volition meaning that they manifested all these negative conditions because.

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