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Applies to go ready for the doubles. All I am I am not free for them even if livable blank aren't doing it even if we get five plaza. I ain't doing it. That's my fucking also get answer because just to players. Yeah just we're going to apply to the minute and that's about it. Pope so but free plaza apply just saying that's all evening two weeks fours four extra players. I guess me to seven Jiwa talking about like Guardmen Owen. Do these things I think should be one of them. People that just do not minus twenty eight get full squads and then it will probably workout Woah because people that does that you say all the time. Yeah top player of the week. A somebody who's done what minus minus twenty trying to get in the because because top-scored wait doesn't take into consideration the monarch twenty eight to just two but then it could work out all really fucking a modest twenty. I was never gonNA walk. But he's not actually going to be modernised twenty eight because if you've got free pie and then you need eleven. That's seven transfers plus number one C. Run yet she. Can you talk about? Why now why. It won't be as high as twenty eight really like if you've got free it'll be monitored twenty eight. Yes yes we would. I BE MINUS TWENTY I. If you said minus twenty I just choose random number. Lie Main she look. You don't want to say well. I'm never understand what you're saying. Leon Collie does a mini league winning pencil. Cover rubber on top. Yes it does. It does to someone else about now. Someone tweet this morning about I didn't i. It was Leeann. Kollie signed about how the top five he's like retired and then just want that pencil you might. I'll send you won the good design the Pencil. I think it created well. Let's just say the Pencil? You fucking ideas. Mago signed a fucking typic- pick on you want us to see if you say Indian TV now. I was talking about setting a mugger a pencil. And then you not because summing speaking of fucking pencil I may mug something no mole. Maybe we should send him both. We'll taught for of year fifty get paint so forth can get a Mug. I get to epic to Dick Pic. Now that's what you for number one. Amy Oh sorry yeah well. We're happy to share our bodies what we're trying to say talk more. I'm obviously well I. Rome Madrid win the League. Now I have no idea what's going on on that question. Hey they play in the in. The League Lake Ladoga believed in. What later she relief. Relevant relevance will is a Real Madrid Fan. So he wants to know if they're within the League now hype. Flavio Psych. Would they won? They beat Barcelona. Tuna will cuss Cogan. Top Renato still pay from and the one that pays ramage's as well is he. Ramsey's me page from now. Oh thanks for the question. Is You gotta be more? Human Not Amy Italian said I if I were scrambling to talk about other really full of a league that closely. I'll Fuck Rodney Fan of a possible day on but you absolutely love Lionel Messi. Yeah and he plays for us alone and has always life. You'd like she might me watch videos like a least one weekend a month and GONNA love him. Yeah could for the best team in the world and you proper Ri- Basel. I bought one of the best teams of all time. Yes that Lee said why. Navarine Madrid because of always preferred remedied over Barcelona. Bullshit my that's not what you say when we sit down watching videos. I of Hungary's lines here. Jettisoned broncos not lying about something a whole apropos. Remember remember Barcelona when suddenly messy comes as. I'm are you doing now? Hala Madrid Peo- MRIs. Mr Poker's folks our fees plunger folks on our over humanize both of great fixtures. Jimmy is cheaper and has a gaming for outreach. On Foreman and no distractions from your. Ps thanks for last week's pods calm. Whitefish wanted to drop so for my force attacked both. Thanks last ball away appreciate the compliment. Yeah that was really nice. I think it was obviously strike. Aren't saw not a custody lost Jimenez. He's still a number one struck in the game for me and obviously point per million is value being cheaper. But yeah looking at Bo freely. Yeah I think by. F- no-one on the net know him as is almost essential. Obama Yang is not. If you're in a wildcard you'll be looking Alabama young. If you if you volley still you might be looking at Alabama Yang. But like. I said Austin I'm still blocking the cheapies. Imagine having your Jimenez and Calvert Loom that money you have an I and the thing is with mays. I'm keeping Obamacare but I'll say I won't pay Popa if Pepao go by me but then I won't. She won't humanize and and we can easily draw humanism Alabama. Yeah I know that but what I'm saying is but then you. You miss out on all these other strikers by having the double up double up it doesn't really matter. Inc's decio fought on the gets back on for a long for use. Fuck fuck over him. Shit Yeah. Both both picks Jimenez. You'd never used to him. And as him opinion you need him. You need him but you need more. In my opinion. You're more coming up now that we've singer of foam for like that one. It was a guy in these games. Yeah I feel like he's now on full overseas and he's a great pay coughing keys pigment. Human as human as reliable yeah. He's more of a pig consistent consistent. Reliable F- Peo-. Nobody's safe. What do you do for jobs? Must be good. Wants to be able to afford a pencil. Prize Mayfair be fair. We CALL FOR THE PAINFUL PRICE. We go go paint sole ship out to someone contact that. Maybe if we can't we can't do that we have to do that. Yeah feel that we have to do that now but I could just buy one destroyed it myself like fantasy puncog with Donald. Who gave man no profanity? Ponca podcast pencil for the winner. Where we're going to get that might online right. Yeah anyway jobs so I saw a new job now for Beta on engineer and you actually working promote was either because such an embarrassing thing to announce that you do it really be proud of your career proud to be on the sly per page. Oh probably Mark Nice breeze however nights but I needed I anyone else has probably GonNa lose whereas promise could just developing more. So I'm Saif and I'M GONNA supervisors. Well I'm not just don't even have an online website. No not once. Saif well east side because we haven't gotten online website for media so yeah I mean I'm asleep faster time to wear the primates demand clive's so it's not all bad but yeah. I'm I'm quite happy much like it. Don't fuck number pencil. Well I if Peo- addicks currently I'm a wildcard decided to reap the benefits over the next five game weeks often white into a double guy in week. He's actually offshoot on my. Yeah and that while Khad call just reading you site actually stung a little bit. What your folks on a shot at double up alongside Albar instead of one of these. Oh this is good sense. Why now I'm banking or having to Wolves Fund has been a differential. My I'm looking at your team and your team is exactly what ought between John Hayman as a Obama. Yang maybe when Alonzo talk a Offset alone broin up. Ali Probably get rid of ponds and Fernandez and I'll probably never seen there are wouldn't even have sent me you know he's asking but it's walkway back. Hebron sure I'm telling him yes. I'm telling me that is what I'm telling you to do. That is good wildcard odd. I'll take a couple papers but I don finish it so the dock. Abiola the train the jaw. The humidity made the point. I mean he's asking about Joran humanist double up game that team as a how looks great. I do eat do eat yet. Don't be off but effects you've got to wolf strikers not lineup they both Gripe Pliers and Wolves. The Wolf triple up is essential. What now allow us the list? The lesser trip with a sensuous week as well you just try me up but yeah Titan. Meyer Varsha that. Tamie seek darkness into Evan. Probably take up bonds evolves. You actually ain't gonNA rope. Think disagree with you. Buy Me so this good you ever. Not but the actual question which I've already said this whole cost. Doppler Mu strikers is amazing idea Cayenne just enough five-time just giving him move good feedback on the rest of his team. Where he's I'm wrong. Call me pocock because people can't see the team that well with I've gone the question if you want to see the team gone the question and that the plonker spink is an amazing team so FBI addict if you want managing your whole wildcards asset next time. Because I'm only asking the questions you ask ever and just giving you a hoe solution for the whole of it whereas I feel is the talk bandwagon happening. Yes Oh we're just we were just doing sink. We don't need anymore other than yes rush. Oh Gosh I'd want you just moved on lately. I loved that pay one. Pumpkin Neil Voice Rush Joshi seven folks on gangs being cancelled due to corona virus fees Chaiwat. Nah surely not bow. There's been games you need at. Abm played played behind closed doors. I feel like no refunds allowed Saudi happening but to be honest. I I actually was speaking. And and she was saying things they should be cancelling festivals and things like that move. Gasperi could be cancelled. And we'll see we went glaspie last. You didn't wait but we not this year before may be relevant. Relevant Day was saying no because while I was GONNA say things we've large-capacity people's of closing down because of this virus. It's a football stadium is one of those things isn't it? Yeah but my CAPE ACHIEVE. Wipe him but this was like paper in London. Probably more charts getting the fibers because of the paper. Shawna keep up with no in China Railway. Win England most people in London. Oh yeah the one. I'm just saying I've got got fees I've written on East would WanNa know about that team. It was sick. I think all of them in air fuckers come update the question he's governing each gave us an example. Go Kepa Crow Defense Rico Defense. Msn midfielder Pedro midfielder don't belie- to strike regained long clunker. Yeah obviously. That's we don't the question. We Know Pat Answer. It you for Lonzo was called the question. We actually look at the place to be at the arts room. Yeah Yeah it's GonNa take to do. Burn bets even. That might give a sheet teammate. Your Shit White while I can only putting Alonzo under no. That's GonNa be the team..

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