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Um Well. Gina was talking about this earlier. Uh, the Utah Department of Transportation reported a crash at 3200 West South Frontage Road in West Valley. Lieutenant Bill Merit with the West Valley Police Department told Two news that there was a new, erratic driver They catch up with a nine year old was a nine year old, driving the car traveling with his four year old sister. Man. They sideswiped another vehicle on the on ramp. A semi truck driver witnessed the sideswipe. Not that the driver was under the influence. I didn't for a minute. Imagine it might be a nine year old child. The nine year old driver swerved into the semi police said the Children, They said, Well, we're going to California. It's where Disneyland is, Yeah. Both occupants of the car where they were wearing seat belts. So that's good. That's good. At least they did that. Ah. Police said that no one was injured, but the crash close both the north and West bound lanes. Forwards probably cleared up pretty much buying by now. Let me see. Uh, just so you know, it's it's seven minutes ago, report Ah, large traffic build up to get on the two of one, so it's still causing issues. Well, then this is this is fair estimation that it would be cleared out by 10 minutes after six this morning. That's way off. That's where Let's see. Um so the spotlight shining on,.

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