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Great so great yes the name that's the main reason why we play with it a win for me is that I would be a night like tonight so when I got the best part and it's how you finish at Landis with the last ten points of the game one of those the bulls one of the three ninety three Mike monk led the way with twenty five points miles bridges at a twenty two Chicago missed its first seventeen three point attempts king's crown the Grizzlies one twenty nine one twenty five years and buyer and set a season high thirty two points he nailed seven three pointers that tied his career best year on fox added twenty six points and the rockets rout of the warriors one thirty five one of five James harden twenty nine points and ten assists Russell Westbrook twenty one points and ten assists off the court curry Irving season is over the nets guard will have arthroscopic surgery on his troublesome right shoulder is only played twenty games this year for Brooklyn in the college ranks number two guns I got a big scare from San Francisco before down in the down seventy one fifty four U. S. F. was up thirty one twenty two at the half at didn't thank god but the Bulldogs came out after intermission scored twelve straight points to take the lead they gave up one basket and then the score twelve more hilly until he had twenty two and all number fourteen Oregon upset at Arizona state seventy seven seventy two twenty six points for Alonso verge rob Edwards at a twenty four six straight wins for the sun devils number eighteen Colorado got by U. S. C. seventy to sixty six buffalo's lead the pac twelve they're looking for their first regular season conference title ever number twenty Iowa over number twenty five on Ohio state eighty five seventy six with the guards had twenty four number twenty three be will you survive Santa Clara eighty five seventy five TJ house twenty eight points and nine.

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