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But good job elliot stand up for yourself okay require all right yes so does a doctor have a legal right to demand a social security number no but you also have a right to go somewhere else lori is with us on the clark howard show hello laurie you great thank you laurie you have been hearing commercials he want to run by me tell me about it well i've never heard of it before but evidently company that offer to protect here property title because of equity back wreak antedated a compromise that bob guy can get a hold of your title and to their name and do all kinds of things with it now affecting you find out you don't own your own o'neal alone anymore yeah so that is such a obscure remote possibility and there are any of a number of organisations looking for a way to score money from the echo facts databreach that i would say that's not where your interests allies that what matters with a home is that you have title insurance and different than what right this is about uh telling you it's like a a work service that somebody's messing around with the title to your home care how can you aren't playing a mortgage anymore iskoe cohe title insurance i'm a big fan of like i had a caller the other day who is buying a house for cash good for him and when you're doing that you normally title insurance as required by your lender in its was knows lenders title and what i say is you always should add with so as a piggyback which is owners title insurance which protects you in the event that there is a successful challenge in a case let's say some even has substantial equity in their home and there's only a lenders title policy in the for whatever reason whatever way there's a challenge to the title.

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