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You. At 608 get a drain cleaning for only $99, my son, traffic and weather on the age. Let's get to Jack Taylor and the traffic center. Why the big early issue had been 3 95 in Virginia going north bound as you approach the 14th Street Bridge. It's all about timing right now. Because the accident activity has just been safely moved over to the left shoulder at the foot of the 14th Street Bridge. Now is still in question. With one cruiser that is their North bound access from 3 95 to go north on the George Washington Parkway. I'm hoping that will open back up here in just a few seconds. Hopefully, since everybody else has moved up to the shoulder, that ramp should be accessible, but for now, it is still unfortunately blocked. 3 95 top and North bound the left exit ramp to the north Bound George Washington Park. There we go. It is now open that cruiser move forward a bit. But is that gonna maybe possibly be crowding that left lane at the foot of the 14th 95 north out after center Port Parkway that crash on the right shoulder would bridge the crash north on Route one before 1 23 Now Fairfax on 29 north bound before 2 36. We've got a new reported crash. All right. The trouble in the district is going to be in downtown New York Avenue in northeast. Between ninth Street Brentwood Park. We headed toward Penn Street. You'll find it right in front of the red carpet in. We've got accident activity there along the right side of the roadway. One reported broken down in northwest on Arizona Avenue near MacArthur Boulevard. If you're riding in Maryland, be aware on the Beltway topside, outer loop. You're good 95 to Georgia Avenue but south of town on the outer loop, leaving the Wilson Bridges you head toward Branch Avenue. We have a reported accident. Crash shouldered No delay South Baltimore Washington Parkway After 1 97 Pennsylvania Avenue near Woodyard, Rhoda reported accident in Rockville to 70, the mainline South bound down your 28 to crash along the right side of the roadway, The slippery and from the locals to the main lines also had been blocked. We've got New Hampshire Avenue between Dennett Estates Drive in Brighton Dam Road, You may have some lane closures in effect. Up near Rocky Glen Drive reports of one that rolled over and also a heads up in a few hours. There's going to be construction in Bethesda north, bound on 3 55 between Tuckerman Lane and Strathmore Avenue. You're gonna lose the right lane today and tomorrow between 9 A.m. and 3 P.m. w th The Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Autumn a shop It's first and save money on New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's Visit fit small dot com Transparency, You Khun Trust Jack Taylor, w T o p traffic and that a storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford. It is going to be another spectacular day across the region. Lots of sunshine, pleasant temperatures, low humidity. Her highs later. Stay.

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