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Amazing Oliver in New York City. Listen WBAI. Hey, Oliver what's up? Good afternoon. Excuse me. I just won't make two quick points. One person you spoke to the ex agent. He just exemplifies what the real issue is. When all people are different beliefs converts. Right. Okay. No matter how wrong you believe. They are our next royalty that they are just like they can't change. It's an exercise its utility. I'm not sure that's true. Oliver. I in fact, I had this. I'm not going to name the person, but is a conservative or used to come on the program from time to time. And and there've been a couple of issues that we've debated over the years, the one of the most recently comes to my well any a couple of issues that we've debated over the years. I don't wanna get too detailed on this and Sean reached out to him a couple of days ago and said, hey, you wanna come on and debate about the last time we talked to Tom convince me I was wrong. And he was right on this issue. Now, you know, he's still a conservative, and he still has other issues with which he's willing to debate me. But you know, it's like I in my own life and on this program. Frankly, I mean know people who've listened this program for years, we'll tell you all kinds of stories about people who call in and say, you know, I was just Chaz scanning the channels on Sirius XM free speech TV or, you know, locally local radio station. Whatever I heard your show, and I started listening, and I realized oh my God. You know, I didn't know the other half. Right. So I I I'm not I'm not as cynical about this Oliver as as it appears you are. I'm I'm guessing. In your life. You've changed people's minds. Well, I'll tell you what really changes people my experience is informed. All of us will be. It's right. Correct. Will be from experiences or wrong. We'll miss or whatever. So when you talk for personal time, then they can change working just dealing with compensations debates between congressman one very conservative progressive napkin changing. Well, the thing that doesn't change their Oliver is who's paying their bills, and as as long as they're making their money from from, you know, big chemical companies are fossil fuel companies or whatever they're gonna continue, sir. The big gun manufacturers. They're going to continue singing that song. That's. I understand that. So when they are disagreeing with the progressive, that's because the line goes TV just folk about before. Hypocrites or just convenient. Your are people who don't believe, for example, climate change is real. And you can't change your thinking overtime experience can informed them. I think that experience is happening right now in the midwest where this bomb cyclone, you've got a lot of farmers who've been watching Fox News time who are sitting there going. Hey, wait a minute. I don't think so Oliver thanks for the call Lynnwood in Gordon's Ville Virginia. Lynnwood. What's up? Thanks you washes on to. Well, thank you. You're welcome. You know, I was sitting there listening to your your discussions yesterday with the sheriff today with this gentleman. And I kept saying to myself. Coups and how to defeat piece suspected white supremacists. I'm gonna help you on some things when he used the term alien, you should've asked him this question or question is a white supremacist racist alienated from the victims of white supremacy. Non white people in the known universe. If so alienated how if so alienated in which areas of activity, do the white supremacists? Racists, help cost the non white people. The known me diversity alienated from each other are the white supremacists. Racists, deliberately alienated from the intention to produce Justice bouncing people that you should ask next. Okay. Lynnwood. When you get into a debate with somebody go for it. Nncholas in San Cristobal. Mexico, nNcholas what's up. Thank you for taking my call. I'm not going to correct you in any way because you'll free. Pretty much nail it. But when we talk about the death squads in Guatemala, specifically, for example. And the installation of many of them by the Reagan in during that era. I think what we need to remember is that it goes much much much further back when Reagan it goes back to the seventeen hundreds it goes back to the Monroe doctrine. Well, I'm thinking more more modern times. And it was Eisenhower who I interfered in Central America in the modern era. An employed noted and Edward gurney as Freud's nephew who use Friday in psychology to manipulate the American public and renamed propaganda as public relations. Right. Yeah. It was the United fruit company that was having problems, of course in Nicaragua. Because Jacob Arbenz the newly-elected leftist president wanted to not nationalize necessarily the United fruit company's enterprises, but wanted fair treatment of the workers, etc. Etc. And Eisenhower in higher hired Bernades the public relations expert to go and convince the American people that communism was on her doorstep. Install death squads and murdered thousands of thousands of Guatemalans, and we need to remember that. Eisenhower was no Saint either that it wasn't just Reagan. And thank you for that for that history. Nncholas you're absolutely right. And and. I would add by the way Edward burn. As was the guy that was hired by democratic president Woodrow Wilson to sell in World War One to the American people. This was when public relations was literally invented was in the nineteen teens by by Bernez, and and. Right. And you watched have you watched the documentary the century of the self? Yes. Adam. What's his name? Adam what's his last name? But yeah, I know what you're saying. Yes, I read it. Yeah. Lorde? Adam whatever's last name, he did like three or four of those that are all equally mind boggling nNcholas. Thank you. Thanks for filling out the history there, you know. Yeah. Okay. So it's two Republican presidents come. Didn't come from all that. Well, you know, Lyndon Johnson didn't back away from that. And look look at what he didn't in Vietnam. Anyhow, nNcholas I gotta say what? It's been a very long history. Yeah. Nncholas thanks for the call. By the way, check this video out this is floating around on YouTube. I have not authenticated this. But it has been reported from several sources as being accurate, I'm assuming that it is. But let me just put that caveat on here. We don't know exactly, you know, the provenance of this thing. But it's like I said it's floating all over social media. This is a kind of speaks for itself. This is a woman at a at a at an event at which Steve Bannon was giving a speech. Did.

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