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Do and they wanted over fifteen thousand dollars yeah about right you have fifteen hundred square feet of roofing yeah and they want they were gonna replace for me they said they will just charging for the would they're going to put on the bottom they were gonna you know put the ice dam stuff undergo thirty six inches high and they're gonna put this other membrane which is like a readable membrane instead of the paper and they discovered i get a fireplace put into a twenty years ago thirty years ago and because you're one of the choices so they told me because i have a prefab fireplace and i use that lewis locks and i never opened the flu i can probably just take out the day with sister joyce so that was included like fifteen hundred fifty dollars okay i'm going to back up a little bit dennis did you sign the contract no precious i like that you know let's let's let's do this let's get to other estimates where where in the city are you north outside south side okay is the company that came out and gave you the estimate or are they a big company small company what's big company okay here's what he did they gave me a price of thirteen thousand if i signed the contract right then and there was one of those beheaded come back out then it was fifty over fifteen thousand fifteen thousand five hundred okay i'd get to more estimates okay we pressured like they were trying to do so so you've got lindholm roofing that you can call read about that one and you know there's not a lot of good reviews on them i'm like well i i would get an estimate from them online reviews here here's the thing with the online reviews there's a lot of people that liked to complain online and you really have to look at everything and you know a lot of these yelp and those kinds of things what it's been my experience at sure there are problems with every job or can be a problem not ever job but there can be problems with jobs people will complain and not a lot of people put a lot of great reviews in there they've been around a long time rogers roofing is another company that's been around a long time and i would get estimates from them now you can also go there's a website called the nr c a dot net okay okay that's the national roofing contractors association and you can get up a list of a bunch of different people that can work in your area that you can contact through there to get estimates but when you're talking about that price that much money that you're spending it behooves you to get multiple estimates to find out exactly what's going on if it's a complete tear off and replacing all kinds of sheeting and all that kind of stuff i mean it can be expensive but you just wanna make sure you're keeping everybody on the up and up so that the pricing makes a lot of sense good like dennis i appreciate your call this morning three one two nine eight one.

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