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Midway, 24, 26 gurney O'Hare 24 going out of 19. AccuWeather meteorologist John firk. At 5 16 time to search heritage Cadillac for a low lease on an XT four or CT 5 and with sports Dave kerner. In the cubs of bag the big free agent shortstop dansby Swanson has agreed to a 7 year $177 million contract to come to the north side and leave the Atlanta Braves, where he was a gold glove winner last year and national league all star and also of course won a World Series ring with the braves as well over his time there. 28 years old hit 25 homers 96 RBIs last season. The cubs getting the last of the big time free agents, at least in terms of the shortstop position on the market, Nico Horner now set to move to second base. To the NFL and a huge story today in Minnesota with the Vikings, pulling off the biggest comeback in NFL history. They trailed Indianapolis 33 to nothing at the half and came back for a 39 36 overtime win. Now Kirk Cousins threw a 64 yard touchdown pass to Dalvin cook and they needed a two pointer to tie the game with two 15 left in the fourth, Greg Joseph's 40 yard field goal in overtime came with two seconds left, otherwise the game would have ended in a tie. College basketball northwestern clobbers depaul 83 to 45 and number 18 Illinois is 68 47 win over Alabama a and M, the align I overcoming an 8 minute scoreless stretch in the second half. Tomorrow we have the bears and the eagles and soldier field with our coverage beginning at 9 a.m. on your home of the bears, Dave kerner and his radio one O 5 9 WB M 5 18 traffic and weather together on the 8 sponsored by nuts on Clark here's Trent Erickson. By Jim it's busy everywhere today, it seems like one of those Saturday the inbounds out of the Eden's jammed up approaching the Kennedy because they cut at the express lanes headed out and that's part of the reason anyway, but the inbound Kennedy slow all the way up the river road tolls into downtown, outbound side slows to roughly Armitage and spots anyway, then it really gets down to business from Kimball love to Harlem. One 90 extension, not friendly off the Kennedy all the way to mannheim Burton, nearly to the terminals out of the terminal's bessie Coleman of the tri state as your delay in some of it getting onto the Kennedy itself because of how heavy it is. Outbound Eisenhower crash upon crash all day long, hop out from Sacramento is jammed out a 25th with reports of multiple crashes in the area, inbound side of the Eisenhower is slow going from state Charles really hits the brakes at mannheim to about displays where we've got a report of an inbound crash now around displays, and then you slow in pockets from Sacramento, California area into and past the burn interchange. If you are on the south side expressways, you don't fare any better. Yup inside a jammed on the Dan Ryan out to 18th and then you slow again from past the skyway 71st down to 95th because of a place investigation into a crash and possible shooting off of the expressway at halsted on 57 outbound inbound side of 57. You take those delays from a 119th roughly up to Halstead with gapers delays, outbound 57 is the bishop Ford is okay for probably try that instead of 57 inbound

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