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We look forward to in the March madness gut? Guys got a whole bunch of stats anything from a team's win law up your versus top fifty their distance to the first round the second round coaches record in the tournament. Ken palm ranking the fish defensive efficiency turnovers per game free throw rate, especially a lot of that. The average guy would look handicap the game then pull from three four five different sites. This eventually that on steroids packed into excel spreadsheet, and then on top of that you got friends that you want to look at the teams that are hot coming tournament and team better ice cold coming in that you wanna fade or over under trend that a really telling an off the number in the market because team peaking and maybe the plane better defense physically good guy to get you through the tournament, and you know, not only for brackets, but a. Beth early on as well, Sean. You know, I'm a big fan of both numbers. And yet she this is Ryan. Sheets an organization he was getting fired up. He had a Gus Gazza over there. No, it's one of those things. I really I really enjoy the fact that you know, it it does take time to build a nice spreadsheet. James this man, James question for you on your tornament. Like, hi, how are you going to pick teams? Like, do you base anything off of off the court issues like LSU what's happening with LSU or what's happening? I mean TCU's been involved in this thing as well as as much as Kansas. So do you are does that hold any water for your pick on? No doubt. Yeah. Then in time the microphones are only going to be more than press conference and the kids you get more questions than if wait nineteen twenty year old kids. So you gotta look at that LSU circle Florida tomorrow. Arta isn't distracted like LSU right now. Florida's are sticking overtime. Yeah. I it could affect conference then the real ornament. Yeah. I'm kind of the same opinion. I saw on Kim poem saying that he had Bradley playing LSU. I mean, this is a hypothetical, obviously. But I instantly was was like, oh, man. I'm all over that to fifteen match LSU is they become the nobody believes in team that somehow becomes. So so talked about a negative fashion. They become incredibly underrated win one for way. I think I think her way to like that kind of rallies that LSU Louisiana. They thrive on Russia. Be right. Yeah. He's they're trying to cast blue chips to LeBron's going to be. They're looking for some Space Jam extras. Now now James before we let you go definitely want to get your what I know. It's tough the brackets aren't out yet. But what is one bold prediction team was bracket, y seed wise, whatever it is what's one thing that jumps out at you already that you you feel confident in in as far as turnament prediction. I'm going to the money line on Wofford in the first game. And if the events in the second run as well thinking, the Sweet Sixteen is a really good team from southern conference Twenty-one knowing in the southern conference on the Lebanon one against the spread run. Cameron Jackson and pleasure McGee who really good players on that squad. I could make noise ornament and they'll be anywhere from seven to nine seat. I think obviously Vegas starting to get you onto them with that type of began to spread run. But I still think the more will be caught up not they've covered the spread in this run by almost nine points per game and the twelve game so definitely gonna be value on them. And even if sharps know about Lawford ninety seven percent of people who were feeling brackets probably more than that at never seen that y for player dribble a basketball this year. So there.

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