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Three to six eastern, new debris Pacific here on Tiki and Tierney. It's some of these calls again, eight five five two one to forty two twenty seven Bella check who was a few in his praise of Patrick Mahomes this week, right? Yeah. No, you call it. They were trying to go into expounding on just how big the stages Sunday night with Kansas City and Belichick was not exactly happened. To the top seed. Let's see what this game at the state of Kansas City. Let's see. Slang Kansas City. I mean, what a rookie question posed chicks like place. There's nothing interesting for me to comment on here. You are you have no clue young, man. No, high m the jet. I and you have not yet gone to the dagga bus system. What about this? I haven't heard this. Let's hear from a home. So we get some more of these calls Mahomes up curious how he sounds. You know, we always we always liked to to play certain cuts, especially when we haven't heard them and react to mid real time. Get a sense of what's of contrived. And and what's real I don't think that Mahomes is contrived on any level. I think he's completely, you know, all youthful exuberance, which is also hoping never changes of here's Mahomes about the possibility of being intimidated by the pats one of the greatest quarterbacks if not the greatest quarterback to ever play. And so for us we're gonna just go in and like you said I'm going against their defense. But I as a team we're gonna go in and just trying to compete, and I mean, they're a good team in AFC every single year. And so. Just to compete against one of the best teams in the league is going to be an awesome opportunity. You know, I don't know that anybody really looked at it this way. But there's going to be a point it could be twenty thirty forty years from now we're gonna we're gonna say. Brady played against Mahomes. I know it's not going to be like it. Yeah. You're right. Brady. At the tail end. You're you're going to see Mahomes. It seemed like he's going to be around and be really good for a long time and Thomas knock on wood. He doesn't get injured or anything like that. But special player he really is a question. Do you believe in messages, where do you stand on this? You know, obviously Kansas City hasn't lost yet. But about planting a seed in case, we meet up with you in January as it were. Yeah. I do it happened. You know with the giants when they beat the at the time previously undefeated New England Patriots. They didn't they didn't beat them in the regular season. But they played them tight season game. We all we all. Remember what happened in that two thousand seven season. I had an event earlier this week with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, and they talked about, you know, we knew after we played them at the end of the season if we had to face them again, we could beat them. It was just it just becomes like a mindset, even if it's not based on anything real like nothing that is the competitive told her the game. Well, that's it. And you get to see the guy you get the literally lining up across the player. You know, whether you find out where these a dog or not whether you can actually beat him or not. And if they don't then you can I find a way to like there's a familiarity that comes from competing against a team like the New England Patriots and having success against them. It is hugely beneficial down the line. So this game is more important to Kansas City. Than it is to to New England. Obviously, schedule wise you'd look a record wide you'd say. Yeah. But winglets know they're they're three two right now. Where's the Kansas City? Chiefs are five there's gotta be more important to New England. You know, New England's going to get back to where they are. They're gonna win the division. The word is Kansas City is is a is a youngest team trying to build to that plateau that they can't that the New England Patriots amid sitting off longtime. Yeah, I feel you and I can't quantify this. But I feel like. You know, sometimes when we put to you, we point to it as a little bit of a deterrent. Yeah. I feel a Kansas City's youth is invigorating then asset. Yes. No doubt. Right. It really does. They don't care. They're not intimidated by won't be younger, actually, probably look at it. As an advantage old, man. Exactly. Get Aaron who's out in reading Pennsylvania to get back to the phones Ahrends on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio. What barrett? How are you today? I'm doing great. How are you guys? We are right. All right. So Carolina panther fan here. Welcome to the nightmare of the last four years. The problem with the New York Giants is not that Shurmur eighty not Odell Beckham. Mike Shula their offense coordinator. You can say what you want in the newspaper. You can say what you wanting to threats conference about Shurmur running the offense. You're right. Three down predictibility issue of Mike Shula running off. And Aaron, you know, it's funny. I mentioned this the BT last week, I believe, and it was the Passover thing. Like is Pat Shurmur system is very different than Mike surely Shula. Remember saying that it's becoming like a hybrid authors Monday. You said it's yeah. It was early this week at the hybrid offense. That's coming together. Then it's not. It's not clicking. Right. There's there's a there's a it's interesting you point that out here because nobody will talk about that. But there is a you can see it. Right. You can feel it Pat Shurmur in Minnesota used his assets exceptionally. Well, did he have better assets? He didn't have anybody. That's quite Odell. But he had more insult Talvitie. Don't you think Rudolph's reliable digs is a stud feelings of stud? I mean. On relative to saquon, relative to Daven, cook got hurt hurt. Anyone Kenan us, right? Yeah. But he was less important in the past gaming wasn't catching ten balls and going for under Dr like saquon did Muslim nobody is really it's comparable. I think Minnesota might have been slightly better their whole their online was significantly better hundred. That's why because remember we remember we had this conversation last year. Like how the heck is Minnesota? So good right now. Five guys five new guys. Yeah. Five great guys messed well together immediately. So as a team they played fantastic in Kirk cousins right now is reaping the benefit of them as as as we see weekend and week out. I mean, that's an interesting observation Aaron obviously with Mike Shula because nobody nobody's talking about it because nobody well, nobody really cares about the see. That's actually, not true at all. I mean, obviously you when you're Uber. Piped into your team, the OC is either a source of your consternation or right praise it it's on the national scene. It's more about you know, the head coach the quarterback the cherry picking. That's a good dynamic to keep a keep an ear out. But keep an eye out for. But here's the the oldest now on Shurmur. If you don't like what you'll is doing, you know tweak it or get rid of who was my favorite office coordinator page on pay. He gets stripped of his job by Jim fossil. No it hadn't even the best ones. Get it happens. We were underperforming. We're just playing it wasn't that Sean was doing anything necessarily poorly wrong. We were just underperforming. He made the call made a difference. But is it a symbolic move? Or is there in case it, well, actually, what you call in that case. And in that case back in two thousand whatever it was two three whatever it was. But in this case, I think it's just this isn't working, right? You got gotta we had to change. We gotta to do something patch. We assume Pat Shurmur is calling calls. He's not me ask you this. I didn't even think I would ask you this question because I know your answer, but a throat by the last day or so there's been a little tractor. I think max set it on. I take right cabinet to the giants. Yes. Would you kick the tires? I don't see it happening. Only because of John Mehra's comments from a couple years ago. That he the fan base would have a significant problem with it. I didn't agree with John's stance, then, but I do think it it it sits with the organization, and again, I don't even know what caffeine it what what nobody knows where nobody knows. What's it? What's that? You know, he's got a prestigious award from ordered see that he is he's on a different level not as a football player. And then almost even care about him as a football because it's getting a little. But I honestly I don't care about him as a football player. I care about what he's going to do to help change the world. Freddie's in Utah. And Fred is on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio Fred the resident giants fan out in Utah. What's happening? What's up fellow as a KiKi? He puts you on a massage. So nobody got a chance to say it. So that'll be the furthest say go ahead. Yeah. That's right. It's friday. Appreciate you put them in defense. I decided to set the truth defense like I'm making stuff up you. Hey, how can you beat you up in denial? Welcome to. After. You say, you're right. You know, it's time to go. It's it's sad. Because he's given me memories. You know? I remember the first Super Bowl, my two year old son. My son is so he don't even know what's going on. He lost his dad's happy, and then the second you will never get a chance to experience that you will know, I got, Freddie, as you're laying that outlets big the points for sure as you're laying that out because Colton three and I'm sitting there saying, wow. Okay. So again, when you humanize the the moments, it becomes a little less. Door. But let's face. That's that's the emotional. Hangup. Giants fans, it is it makes you it makes you deny reality on here's outside of this is gonna sound like a ridiculous contradiction outside of the two championships. He really hasn't performed like a number one overall pick. He's eleven and nineteen against the eagles in his career. He's led the league in pick three times. Never led the league in touchdowns. Never lead led the league in yards. He's about nine or ten games away from being a five hundred career records crazy down points to utilize resume, Freddie. I don't want to start begging on Eli is not the data. But he I don't think I have to disagree with you thinking, you know, saying the giants giants all that kind of stuff because it's not as bad as it seems when you have some of the pieces, they have, you know, I it could take, you know, if Janus gets kicked out of Catholic Jameson there with those with a weapon, and you never know. So it's not as bad. James one in Tampa. What's that? What is James is? He's got Mike Evans at the shore Jackson. What's what he's still? He's still talented. Yeah. Kicked out kicked off your team. You know that makes you re focus this whole suspension should make a refocus James Comey off nice cheeky almost meeting much free of heartburn. So. Boy, freddie. Thank you for around those UPS, trucks safe and without any burn chalky, tablets, right TK. But he Fred's like me to he's going to miss out on the UPS hall of fame. With no accidents. Twenty years. Activists twenty years as a hall of fame. Also at is pretty cool. But, freddie. Freddie's? The Eli manning UPS drivers, his accomplishment is you know, he's he's been driving a truck for many years for two years. But the other years, they got a few Fender benders just kidding, Freddie. By the way, you got a of love on the broadcast last night. The intro missed this all love. How does that? They do really cool. They got the tablet and they've got like the current players kind of thumbing through video. Gotcha. Or you know, flip it. Yeah. Of the of other players here's from last night. That's that's saquon talking about you. It was really awesome. He idolizes me and Barry Sanders need from the Bronx. But he grew up in Pennsylvania. We know that is a jets fan. Former boxer by the way, his his his uncle was a was a heavyweight champion. He fought for champion Iran Barkley. Yeah. Are you serious? Yeah. It's awful. So the portly was good. Yeah. So his family is in the Libyan to maybe I think I'll check maybe be right? Barclays say kwanza, Greg kid rock. Got a chance to talk to them a couple of times. I he's gonna be awesome here. He he does your bed is going to be going five hundred. BT? I went through that you remember you remember this. If you were here, I went through that bad seasons. When I would get these conversations from fans, like, you're the only reason I wanna watch the games, right? I feel good at least did. But it's still looking at your team. Like, do we suck that bad? What I mean? It's going to be that kind of season. I think for saquon, but he's exciting as hell. People will go just to see him play. Those people went to go. See a Barry Sanders. Play when you knew the lions were were garbage semester time before is on the cover of Matt. I know that that's not the ultimate barometer. But it actually kind of is is going to be other cover Madden. Yeah. I just hope they don't overuse agreed. One hundred percent. I it's it's like a good thing to do. Not a good thing. If you give him three hundred and eighty touches and what we know. We know what that does to running back. Yeah. Especially if you're mean, what are they gonna go? They can go three thirteen again. I mean, I don't know what they are. I mean, I don't even know what they might not get the three. I mean, I guess they could conceivably get the four or five, I guess, but right now, I don't know. I mean, they're one in five giants feel like a two and fourteen team. It's rough. It's the way feels gonna be rough. Thank good. All right. This was incredible. Let's get to this coming up next here. And it was just kind of an innocuous throwaway line. I think from Cam..

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