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One. So once Natasha's in police custody. They learned that Natasha, went with Marcus to move Siamese car after the murder, she the park and ride along route thirty in Pennsylvania after the murder, and she drove him to Home Depot to buy a bag of agricultural lime to bricks into bottles of bleach tub clean the blood in the house, would he do with line line. What's out of line? Use to clean. No, no, no. Use it to clean, but it also disintegrates so you put lime on bodies. It's kind of like acid than it. What are the brands for that? Don't know one of the bricks for ability to bricks. I don't know. I don't know what to what you would do with two bricks line bleach. That's well the police is probably for the blood or whatever. But the bricks are confusing here anyways, so you're Tosh is in custody, and she eventually starts just confessing. Yeah. And she starts singing. Yes. She starts telling one of the officers obviously the first thing that's going to say is that I'm proud to Marxist child as one does. But we know the article that we pull this info from they weren't able to confirm whether or not that was true or not. And then we never saw anything. Right. So whether that's sure not unchargeable. So she's charged with homicide. She's charged with tampering with evidence abusive a corpse obstruction and then criminal conspiracy on each count. Marcus is charged with first degree murder kidnapping tampering with evidence obstructing the administration of law, and abusive corpse and conspiracy, and they're both held your Kenny, prison Nobel, and they're waiting a preliminary hearing. All right. So what do we think as far as motives? All right. Well, let me just point one thing out is that. So Natasha was. All right. Let's talk about how James Horne Sammy's new boyfriend was the first target. And it's like as a Natasha. If Tom you wanna kill your new your ex girlfriend's new boyfriend, like, why am I think she was just going along with it to kind of get the other people involved because it's like she from Natasha's mind? She obviously just wants to get rid of any sort of threat in her relationship, which why she wanted to get rid of lacy more than Sammy, because at least he's pregnant hurriedly is probably the most recent ex. Yeah. Sammy had a baby the baby was a year old. So that's like a lesser threat because it's like yeah. A year as path. But maybe she was just jumping on the bandwagon, if he like hated this James Horan guy. And it was like, okay. It just means that he's still cares about Sammy. Oh, definitely for sure. But the fact that she'd be like cool. You're still you're angry at your old, right? I'll excess people are very young. I know. But that wouldn't you feel like why are you sorry? All right. So when you were a seventeen year old, and if you're with a boy that you liked, and the boy said, I wanna kill my ex girlfriend's boyfriend. Yeah. And you were really, really into him what would you do? I mean I wouldn't go. I understand that. Twenty one okay. Younger. But it's okay. Obviously motive is just jealousy in everybody is weird way not understanding the consequences of your actions. Like the fact that they were all they had fifteen thousand text messages between the two of them talking about this murder, but then also being like, well, maybe we shouldn't be texting about is like they just don't understand the severity of what they're going to do or maybe never intended to do it. I mean you start buying stuff. I feel like I mean the fifteen thousand text messages, maybe some of them once you start buying shit. It gets real. It can be it can be construed as that. And that's one of the reasons why that, you know, with with Hansen vs predator and all that stuff. They always Hansen with the. Yeah. Predator, but it was called handsome vs predator on, on crunch down. Well, it was so the last version of it. So they always would tell the purpose who were coming to bring stuff, so they would the equal. Yes, yes. The girl would cookies. So they would always bring Mike's hard lemonade and McDonald's and condoms, and they would come in because that showed intent. So I hear what you're saying at the text messages. Exactly. So, so, so, bringing that it's not just like, oh, always assessing around with the text messages, seeing them, actually buying stuff. That is like, all right. That's one step closer to you really want to just this like. Just this like sick twisted fantasy between the two item. Exactly. And I did ask Brooke, why she thoughts each of them? What each of the roles were like why did Marcus want to kill Sami and how to Natasha get involved in to what degree was she involved? I think that it was probably a mix of, of anger and jealousy, going back to Marcus's personality as a whole really quiet, but he's definitely got that air of aggression. So I think he probably was just angry that I don't actually I don't exactly know how him and Sammy split up, but I think he was probably angry that they weren't together Homer, and angry that. He had this baby with her, and that she was kind of moving on, and leaving that piece of her life behind. And then I think just touching back on the tasha like I said growing up she was always really insecure. And I think she just found Marcus who were able to at least convince her, that he loved her so much and he was the best thing for her. And I think she really just fed into that. And she believes that, that was the best that she could get. And that he was everything she needed. And I think she really was just willing to do anything in her power to keep keep Marcus in her life. And so, I think that's probably how she justified it and how she got herself involved in that mess was. That little bit of teenage girl, and security mixed with having that manipulative relationship from what I read he kind of Lord her an with the babies saying the baby needed her, and I don't, I don't personally have any kids, but I am one of six sisters. And so I just can't even like it makes me sick every time I even think about it because no one is just not going to go. And then I don't know just her family seems so. They didn't even know where to put that Greece. It was just so much surrounding it. I didn't know Sammy, but of course, like I said at that time, I mean, Facebook was huge but getting kind of the facts from these news articles, but also the reaction from people that they were people that didn't know her people from all sides of the story, and it just seemed like the entire town, even extending pass out to the town where where she was just seemed like they were screaming her not only for her life, but also the circumstance because that is something that I think, really could happen to any young woman or man with a child. You say they need. You you're gonna go out of the way that Marcus killed. Sammy is intense. I mean, sounding someone that many times is not. He stopped someone wants and a lot of people are like oh shit. I what did I just do? But stabbed him that many times in a row is almost like you almost have to be in a in a state. You're not in your right mind. When you do that. And so just imagining all of that play out is really like the most intense part of it for me. Marcus goes to trial. I and initially pleads not guilty to the charges against him including first degree murder kidnapping tampering with evidence obstructing the administration of law, abusive a corpse and conspiracy, but due to the cruel and gruesome mater of the crime and the conspiracy, and planning, he was facing the Libdeh the death penalty that is the sound of the death penalty. Yeah, that's stressful. The death penalty though, in fact was not is not that common Pennsylvania. So, but with this says is like this is their taking it really seriously because it was such a brutal disgusting thing to do. Yeah. The, the notifications whenever something new came out. But really, it just kinda stressed me out imagining her in, in this situation. Someone my own age that shared a lot of caracteristics that we did all these things together. It's kind of, like gave me an overall sense of anxiety anytime I thought about it. So I didn't follow it incredibly closely. I did check in on it every few months to see what had been decided for both of them. But mostly kind of on the side of Natasha. And then, of course when they brung around the death penalty for Marcus, I kind of started following a little bit more closely because I know that's not a super common punishment in Pennsylvania. So definitely was interested in seeing how all of that played out. I haven't exactly made up my own opinion on the death penalty yet, but I don't think it would have been unfair, especially just. How many how many lives he really affected not just him and tasha and Sammy, and the baby not just the people directly involved in this crime? But also all of the people in Sammy's life, all of the people in the tasha of life that he, he took as to from. And so I don't think it would have been an unfair punishment. But I don't know that I can say that. I think he deserved it, but definitely was a little bit shocking to imagine somebody that I knew up against that death penalty.

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