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A good friend Mark Simon is going to join me from sports info solutions that we're going to talk a few things about baseball and seen what could be possibly and trade deadline here. Next 24 48 hours and some other stuff. Let's welcome in Mark. Simon, How are you this morning Mark. I am good. Like you. I was a rookie in 1982. That was my first year watching baseball were rookies together. I guess we've had a long career together that Hallmark. Yeah, exactly. Well, I tell you one of the biggest things that happened yesterday was this giantsbullpen? They were outstanding. Every bit of them. Even Trevor got given up a triple on and hold him at third. What did you see in this bullpen yesterday? And what do you seek moving down the road with him? I think they were fortunate. I think it's really hard to get five guys to put up a euro for an inning. They've done a couple of times this year. But this is like the first time in about a month. I think if you have to ask you that repeatedly, I think that's very challenging. I think it was good to Trevor got got another shot at big on DH. You know, I didn't necessarily looks fantastic, but it looked good enough. There are little sparks with some of these guys here and there. I just feel like we haven't seen enough of someone like Caleb or Sam Selman to really get a feel for for what they are just yet, but a couple of them have have shown some good signs a different points this year, 20 Watts and being probably best You were speaking of Mark Simon. This morning. I tell you one of the guys that everybody talks about the same kun Rod and how hard he throws, of course, 101 yesterday, but we've always talked about his control. He just seems to throw instead of pitch and Last night gave capital on the postgame show. He has said repeatedly. We just want him to throw strikes. It doesn't matter if he has to hit a glove or not. We're just Trying to slow him down mentally so he can focus a little bit more. Tell me your thoughts about Sam Conrad moving forward. Yeah, He needs to get more. He needs to throw more strikes. But that means you need to have more chases. If you look at his face rate this year, it's 19%. And just to put a number to kind of, like, all right, How do you perceive that 19% bad should be getting 25 to 30% chases? Which means that either the hitters know what's coming and you're tipping them off in some way, or you're throwing on competitive pitches. I think that would be an area of what I would be looking for with him. Hey, is getting a decent swing and miss rate on his stuff because Detroit 100 won, But he needs that kind of that second thing Todo with 101 to make that even more effective and to give him another option to get out. I tell you what, Marky. He struck out looking Stephen Vogt wasn't vote. I'm looking here real quick over my notes yesterday on a changeup. It was Stephen Vogt. In the seventh inning, and I tell you what I just was in the sixth inning, sixth inning. Those pearls are my my mistake. It was just a shock or because he was throwing 101 in 99 drops a change of bottom to walk off the mound. Those are the things that encourages all young pitchers if they can throw a third pitch in there besides just the fastball, breaking ball, and and if he could get that, even over the plate, even for Ah, ball like you're saying out of the zone? That's just another. Piece of the arsenal. He can throw out there and he's such a young, inexperienced pitcher so far. What do you think about a third pitch out of Coon Rod? Yeah. I think that would help. If you would help. The curveball has not been what it was in the 25 issuing that we saw last year so I would worry with him just to find a second one at this point. On the third one hopefully comes I feel like and you would have a much better handle on this. Probably that I would is that that this is something that comes with with the territory of being a young pitcher, and that you really get a feel for something like this. You know, it's taking our third year once he kept innings on their belt on if he's going off on one That's generally pretty good scientist starts. It sure is, And I'll tell you he was out on the aisle with a latte problem. That's come back. Very good. And I just want to see him do this more consistently. I think you and I both looking at analytics with him. He has a good one and a bad one and Hey, has to scratching and get that out of his mind and build his confidence and in back to back innings are back to back games. So let's.

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