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Milo yiannopoulos his own shelf ii's book is called dangerous is he going to speak at berkeley finally remember last abc was supposed to speak there were burning snuffed out and breaking things in half and everything else and it's pretty horrible pretty horrible the bastion free speeches is no longer i guess i guess what would you say poa i'm i'm appropriating black cultural be goes him singing my girl really that's where your today actually work commod dude suffolk probably use a microaggressions from you to suggest asians other you probably right yet it is it's central microaggressions triggered somebody who uses in never did he thought then you trigger going ahead of us sure we would it would carry would you say you you can get enough of it now graham i'm sorry i'm sorry i take it back oh you keep it up until government i bet that on i get that i am you'd have to go on monday sampling of lucy on fleet what is on willingly posted out the other day what is on i've heard of that i don't know why it means you're on point enemies on point right lanes yet of weird new bed now all right so you talk about employed noil deals going to go here but i'm gonna go here and yes we still do have to talk about this with the stupid bill but were you you really indepth tomorrow with us senator ron johnson did you see the hobby lobby story yes dan oh i'm missing something his everybody high on something not all you my the only person who's not enjoying the high on whatever it is there hi on on either do you have that story or challegers pera i can find it i've got an actor all right hobby lobbies offensive decoration has gone bonkers viral thirty three thousand facebook reactions encountering this is ron wyden last night usery if you do so to be way higher than mad now so a woman goes into hobby lobby and i beat you not goes in a hobby lobby and nc's something for sale it looks like they're vases orson which avaaz the vases their vases milo will probably she vase laws and in the vases revises or whatever they appear to be sticks with.

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