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Am thirteen ten K. K. dot com testing a tough to come by the start of the Cova de Nineteen pandemic. But now it's available at multiple locations in Greeley seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI A dot com. Trevor read in the Greeley trip. Banner Health is operating a drive through collection site for anyone with concerns about covert one thousand nine hundred symptoms in Greeley Banner. Health officials declined to say where the site is located at the at publication. Depressed time as the site is not doing. Walk in appointments. So what you need to do. If you're interested in getting a covert nineteen tasked with banner health. You need to call eight. Four four five four nine eighteen fifty six that number eight four four five four nine eighteen fifty six for screening and most importantly to schedule an appointment as again. The banner health site is not doing walk in appointments in Greeley anyone experiencing covert nineteen symptoms and Every day that list of symptoms seems to grow will qualify for testing so once again. Let's run through that list of symptoms. Now anyone who has become infected with Cova nineteen might start to experience symptoms to to fourteen days after being exposed this according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention symptoms as you're fairly well aware include shortness of breath or difficulty breathing fever chills muscle pain sore throat and loss of taste or smell was interesting Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with some old friends. I refer to them as my peer group at Horse Tooth Reservoir and got to talk to a woman who actually still even though she had covert nineteen. She was tested and diagnosed Testing positive for Cova nineteen This way back in early March she since recovered but she hasn't recovered fully her taste of sense of taste or smell which absolutely incredible to me Less commonly reported symptoms include Gastrointestinal System Symptoms such as nausea vomiting and diarrhea. So you are urged to seek medical attention immediately. If you have any of the following symptoms trouble breathing persistent pain or pressure in your chest confusion inability to wake or stay awake or if you have a bluish lips or face nother symptom has just came across another piece We had talked about this in the past. Pinkai also a symptom of covert at one thousand nine hundred nine. This had this rather lengthy piece that came across came down the pike. Talking about the fact that It can cova can actually enter through. Your is just absolutely incredible what they continue to learn about this really nasty novel Corona Virus. Now you see. Health is operating.

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