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This week. Both happened on Monday. Um, I remember Monday afternoon. Social media lit up like crazy. I was getting all kinds of texts and emails from Folks right here in Hoover because there was a big speed chase going on with the state police Hoover police Carbon did not chase but they did assist as far as blocking streets and you know, lining up down 1 50. No, no assisting that way. But whoever doesn't engage in the high speed chases, Uh, unless it's special circumstances with a serious felony involved stolen vehicle. They're not going to risk the residents of Hoover and cause more problems. Now the state police they have a little different feeling on that. And they did chase and this thing in Hoover It was actually a multi county chase Monday. It was a stolen taxi. First of all, who steals a taxi. It's not like you're gonna blend into traffic and disappear. You might as well be hanging a banner off your car going Here I am. So this thing guy steals a taxi, right? Um, having about three o'clock first, it started I 59 north in Tuscaloosa County. The driver didn't stop continued up into Jefferson County. And then kept traveling north and then merged on 4 59 out of Tuscaloosa and heading right towards super and then jumped off exit 10 there on highway 1 50. And then from there took off and kept going down towards the Galleria striking to trooper vehicles. By the way before the chase ended at Galleria Boulevard, they guess did one of those spin moves where the car gets hit on the side back quarter panel. And stops in that way, but They got him. He's in jail. Um, no word. Exactly, I guess. Money charges. He's gonna receive stolen property, you know, stealing auto theft for sure, endangering the lives of police. Yeah, speed. There's probably a list of charges that he's gonna face now. Meanwhile, On Monday as well in Tuscaloosa. If you know where Rice mind Road and watermelon roads are, uh yeah. Nice big old chase there. This one was a little different started about same time, three o'clock 3 20 in the afternoon on Monday, 17 year old driver this Toyota Avalon. Cut off a Tesco's police officer in Ran him off the road in front of the whole chevron there. Jack Warner Parkway. I know exactly where that is from the area. Know the area. You know where that is? Jack Warner Parkway there. The officer in a marked unit, by the way, call for backup and followed the driver traveling about 100 miles an hour crossing the Brian Bridge there. So that was completely out of control. Well, four people, here's what happened. The officer, you know, decided to terminate. You know the chase as they continue north on Rice Mine road near the intersection there Watermelon Road. Almost immediately. The driver rear ended another vehicle, causing major damage. Well, four people fled from that disabled Avalon when it came to a stop near the taco Casa there. And they searched and found two girls ages. 14 and 17 hiding in the woods, 14 and 17 officer determined that the crash Talon had been reported stolen and Tuscaloosa back in January. But they got him felony charges females involved released to the custody their parents, the miners 17 year old male driver. They have a long charged with You know, being a juvenile in possession of a firearm, second agree receiving stolen property and multiple traffic accidents. 19 year old in the car charged with first degree receiving stolen property, His bond of $10,000. Yeah, it was. They got them all, but it could have ended terribly bad. Thank God nobody Was seriously injured in any of all of these chases. It is 6 26 Alabama's morning news, Lia coming up onto the hours, Fox News as well and traffic and weather together just about three minutes..

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