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Okay we're okay we'll probably find they are anyway they're doing other things scaring be left other guys we're going to see them at the coffee shop we take a second break yet let's take a break more with the guitarist and lead singer from head basis basis you have you still have a basement you a fender precision bass and you still pull that out from time to time played around the house take it out from time time played on house and eat new strings but yeah take it from time to time they didn't strings we've we've already if this hey guys matt here was dates for you john ross bowie is on twitter and instagram at john ross bowie he's also the great show at abc's speechless that's on wednesday nights at eight thirty but i think it's actually done for the season so find it on hulu or maybe on demand it definitely is on hulu and should be on your your cable or satellite ondemand menu it's worth watching super funny great show that i enjoy quite a bit and i hope you have time to check it out jimmy pardo is going to be doing wise guys this weekend salt lake city may fourth and fifth i think that's this weekend and then he's in sunnyvale california at rooster feathers june fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth and then there's a couple of tickets left for ours amy's shows for both the playing games at four pm and going backwards never not funny at one thirty pm on may twelfth we got brian noonan on the first show the the number of funny and then we've got bill leff we'll be the celebrity guest for playing games episode and if you're playing games you you have a chance to come up on stage play the game with us and with bill and maybe win a prize so that's fun so go to never funny dot com click tour link for all our tour dates leg this one because i forgot to save before june third minneapolis we are at the acme comedy company that's three pm matinee show their tickets for that still billable i believe brooklyn the day before is sold out sorry to say but all our dates and our jimmy pardo jimmy's dates are indeed sir jimmy barreda dug up our dates and eat never not funny dot com click the tour link on either push sites and enjoy.

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