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A two trillion dollar relief package for struggling Americans during the corona virus crisis there's talk of another one treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin is asking Congress for an additional two hundred and fifty billion dollars for the paycheck protection program intended to help small businesses make pay roll and avoid layoffs McConnell's prepared to bring it up on Thursday and if it passes with unanimous consent which we would expect it will still go to the house on Friday for the same approval process Congress approved nearly three hundred and fifty billion dollars for the loan program last month as part of a two point two trillion dollar economic rescue package congressional leaders have already made proposals for additional funding including a plan from Senate Democrats to provide up to twenty five thousand dollars in hazard pay for workers on the front line of the corona virus response Jared Halpern fox news president trump says the country may be turning the corner on corona virus infections as the numbers are increasing as fast as expected the White House response coordinator Dr Deborah Burks says there are finally indications social distancing is working we may be actually in a series of communities outside of New York in New Jersey and Connecticut creating a much flatter graph Burke says in Detroit and should ogle the virus's spread doesn't seem to be increasing it really shows the amazing amazing activity of every American in those cities officials say now is not the time to lean back on social distancing but rather to keep leaning into it Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington despite an effort by Wisconsin's democratic governor to delay the state's primary elections during the covert nineteen pandemic the Republican legislature and Supreme Court in the state order the election to go forward despite warnings from governor Tony Evers about the health risk of in person voting many people went to the polls I wasn't afraid to common sense but some voters were wary of the polling places my biggest fear was being around other people especially since our community has a lot of older people yes I just hope that people are taking precautions which they were I'm glad they had all the sanitized and stuff but I was nervous results of the presidential primary elections are not being made public until absentee ballots are counted April thirteenth Bruce Marcus for CBS news Rhinelander Wisconsin president trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis both promoting the use of a lupus and malaria drugs to possibly treat coronavirus and that's leading to shortages around the country five tablets of Hydroxycut are going up for five more days all Linda Ewald has left to treat her arthritis she's supposed to take two a day all right I didn't catch back to one rationing them has become painful joints are hurting my hands are swelling he well tried filling her prescription for the drug was out of stock the pharmacist John Hession says he hasn't been able to buy hydroxy Clark went for three weeks now through what we had in stock the drugs which also prevents malaria is being researched as a possible treatment for covert nineteen meaning the pills are being sent to hospitals and labs a lot.

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