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Our number one. We did talk some college ball. We had the head coach of Indiana on Tom Allen and we talked about the year they have who's just had a really nice here last year, got to a ball game. And had a couple of really good opportunities for some big wins and nonetheless had a big year they open up against Penn State. In fact, we continue the conversation right now about college football. I'm joined by a reporter for Fox Sports and FX. One also a national college football. When Sattar for the athletic he's a New York Times best selling author. He's got a new book out. It's called Flip the script With Ed Orgeron Flip. The script comes out on October 27th. It is available for pre order right now. My guest is Bruce Feldman. Bruce. Good to have you back. How are you? I'm doing Well, Jim. Thanks for having me. It's good to have you so Bruce normally when you and I are talking two days before Number three Georgia going up against number two Alabama we'd be all about that match up, which I'll get to in a minute. But obviously there is bigger news. What was your reaction Bruce to the news that Nick Saban tested positive for covet. You know, it's a little surreal Jim. He's certainly not the first college football coach who has tested positive, but he's the biggest coach on the biggest name in college football. It's also When word got out. It wasn't just him. It was also the Alabama A Greg Byrnes had also tested positive now. Save in. I was on a call with him, probably an hour after that, and he had explained he has No symptoms at this point, and it's just You know, He's one of those guys where whatever you've seen him, he's been very proactive in terms of the messaging. He's seemingly always had a mask on where you know you could sing plenty of highlights and coaches during games where they haven't or it looks like it's Go down around their neck or or whatever. They're wearing it like a satchel or something. He has not been that way. So you know, we talked to him after yesterday. One of the things that I think he is very mindful of is just Hey, you know what it's of the viruses is basically all around us, and it's something where you have to be extra careful and I think. Fortunately for Alabama, they're one of the few programs right now, who is testing daily? So they caught this. Some other programs are testing three times a week. Some other programs really testing one day a week. And so what has happened Quite a bit has been. This virus has spread pretty quickly through some of these programs because either they go on a road trip and they're in a cramped visitor's locker rooms or they're out of team Neil or what, Not, it's just That's been one of the challenge with so Fortunately for Alabama, it appears they were able T catch it very quickly and soon, a statement found out He got the positive test. He went home, and he actually Tried to coach the practices best he could from all right, Bruce film and joining us. He did do that, Bruce. Now he does make the point that he's not playing in that game. But the same time we know he's an enormous presence. So what do you think It's gonna be like Alabama playing a huge game Saturday night without Nick Saban on the sideline? How much do you think that will impact the game? I think it's definitely gonna have some impact. Just in terms of you're talking about the players were so used to this guy who is such a dominating presence in everything that goes on with Alabama football, and it's really not just the players big staff they've had where he's involved. In in every decision. Now, you know, you can take a look less smile. The coach of Kansas, another national title winning coach. He also has tested positive for code that maybe he will be back on the sidelines this week or not when they play. West Virginia Les Miles is not his hands on the way running a football program, especially in game the way Nick Saban is one of the only coaches I can think of who may be every bit is connected to it in a lot of facets of the game is TC is Gary Patterson. So Look what I was told by people close to save Anna did he has the utmost confidence in Stark easy and Stark Union has a has a leadership presence to him. I think he has Has obviously a bunch of experience from his time in Washington, some at USC and in some big games, but he certainly not Nick Saban, and so That's a significant deal, and we'll see how it plays out because of the rules he has not permitted. If you're not in the building if you're not in the stadium, if you're not in the coach's press box, you cannot you cannot really out communication. You know from the time Basically, the game is going to start. So it's going to be a big adjustment, not just for the players, but for everybody on that Alabama sideline We're talking about that match up on Saturday night, Bruce Feldman is joining us and the matchup. Bruce is really interesting on a number of different levels, but especially when you consider that two starting quarterbacks you've got Georgia's Stetson Bennet, You've got Alabama's Mack Jones right now you've got a great piece up on the athletic. About Shannon Dawson and his connection to both players for those who do not know who is Dawson. And how is he connected to them? Dawsons. Actually, the offensive coordinator at University of Houston but was fascinating is He was the first one to really buy in, at least in college coaching, either guy hey, was the one who Mack Jones had committed to as a junior at when Dawson was the offense coordinator at Kentucky. You know, Dawson had first seen him when he was in eighth grade. The kid came up to a camp at West Virginians reform. That's where Dawson worked at the time. And then after that, Kentucky he goes to Southern Miss. And he sees this 5 10 quarterback. We get somebody a friend send them film of And he just thinks man. This guy is special. He's got some Baker Mayfield and unloved but how we threw the ball of how accurate he was. When the kid came to visit. He saw how biggest hands or he measured and he's like that's something I've I really think is important for quarterbacks, but his head coach would not offer him so he was like I had to try to get him to walk on. This kid grew up going to Georgia game, so when they give him a chance to walk on I was like as much as I tried to tell him abandon his dad. Hey, You know what? There are always gonna have a five star kid. You're not gonna play. There he goes, And I think you're a good player is going to be sad. Well, you know, eventually this kid with one point the fourth string quarterback But for a variety of things that have happened, he got a chance to play and he has excelled at it. So you have these two quarterbacks. Neither guys remember obviously Mack Jones when he signed with Alabama, the other quarterback who signed that year was to us. So it wasn't like everybody was expected Mack Jones to be this Guy going to take over the program, and then they take Bryce Young from out here. Another five star kids from modern day make a lot of people thought he was going to be the guy so credits a Mack Jones that it credit That's invented. For believing in their ability. Not in just staying true in a lot of people thought it was gonna happen. Bruce Feldman joining us Alright then Bruce, who do you like on Saturday? And why? You know, before the saving news I picked Alabama. I think Georgia's defense has looked really good. They're talented. I think that's invented has played really well. He's got some playmakers savvy in him. But having said all that the games in Tuscaloosa to me, Alabama has The best receiving corps in college football. They also have Naji Harris. Who's that? Who's a tremendous running back? I think Alabama is much better in the skill position right now, then Georgia is I know their defence looked really shaky and Lane Kiffin's old Miss offense really gave them fits. But I just think that it's a big game even without Nick Saban..

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