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Website website dungeons and dragons sweatshirt it was all the black sweatshirts and they were just the illustrations from the covers of the second edition eighty not hel van school japan lee easily the paintings whatever the guy the cover ever of unearthed arcana the cover of the judge masters guide the cover of the players handbook. I think i had those three sweatshirts. That's really i mean that's fucking great. Were they were they. They were jet black. They were dandruff accentuating. It was like a black light on my shoulders everywhere. Just a big dotted sign that said back off buddy back-off ladies did did it work. Oh yeah man people give space <hes>. How do you reconcile being a nerd with being you seem marketable to me your you went into into infill into not you could have made it. You can pass for leg not a nerd but you're fucking harder core than me. Frankly i sold out as soon as i could like you still stick to your guns. You like qasr play and you. You're fucking. It's infused in your life short from our legacy. You're you think that i should have given up those things. Thank machinery that. I did know you didn't have you. You have a show that is those things no. It's not listen to this interview. It's terrible. I just i i'm just saying i'm sorry i'm just circling like like you're such an effervescent person. You never sold out you're not you. I don't know like you. You're an island league wrigley glenn. That's what you are in the like you do you do you having anxiety about your self shit or like what i see is what i get right now. I am you radiate confidence so i'm just i mean they are you. Are you swallowing down insecurity. I mean yes so the the best thing about. I think about being like an improviser for example now is that i don't ever have to be myself i couldn't i can't imagine being like a stand up and it took a lot of it was a lot of like mental homework to do a podcast because i was like oh over the course of like twenty episodes people are going to figure out who i am and they're going to hate that person and some of the comments have gotten. They're really quickly and they're they know who i am. They hate me but the things that you think people are going to what what is that kite tail and you carry with you. Are you like 'cause i. I feel that to these people are gonna google me and they're gonna pick through and what. What is it about you that you're worried. People are going to so. I wear so much of my my nerd them my phantom all of those things. I'm going to leave but i am always afraid. My imposter syndrome manifest manifest says..

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