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For everybody within the sound of my vocal chords you know from the number you know from mohegan sun and who should know we're going right to the calls and mad is calling from staten island and matt you're on the fan what can you say i love you brother bone to pick with you well there you go who is your presidency or summers who is what your president who is the president your president my president yeah well that that has to be our president and that's donald trump the right answer rather jingle bells jingle bells jingle all are you a trump supporter as well you soundly see here's the thing we've had two people call it apparently loves trump and sound like it don't they vents is calling from fresh meadow advance how fresh is your meadow i want wanna thank you for taking my call well of course i'm gonna tanker why wouldn't i well i don't know if i just wanted to thank you for taking my call you're you're more than welcome but i thank you for making the call so it works both ways i wanna comments on first night it says we need wants to laugh he's a trump supporter so what he was talking about you know listen if you do this long enough you hear from everybody about anything and everything so i think the boy is just have to be on guard for anything and everything does come your way and i would say over the thirty one years here and july one by the way was wfan's birthday as it turned thirty one we have heard from everything and everybody that you can think of and and you know what it's not necessarily a bad thing because all of us whether it's a toy department or its real life we all have thoughts and opinions and feelings about lots of things and you know we don't have restrictions on what people can call about if they want to all sports station obviously and so we want to cover all of what you're gonna find in the in the sandbox and the playground but the bottom line is you're going to hear about everything and you've heard from to supporters of the president and and doesn't it make you think for a single second at least that he has a lot of people that sound like those two who called just on july fourth day get on a sports sports they try to but anyway i wanna call about a possible trade yeah on me when i eventually i have to hang up on everybody and eventually at lake come two o'clock i get hung bomb don't feel bad if you get hung up on because it happened.

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