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Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. The capitals have lost 6 of their last 7 on home ice after a three two shootout loss to the New Jersey Devils, Darcy Kemper, strong in net with 38 saves and Dylan strom scored in a wild second period, but could not get the much needed second point in the standings. Guys, that means I'm here to save some, maybe I'll just add a few times. I also thought we had some good chances and they blocked a lot of shots and got in the way a few times, so I like you said, obviously, it would have been nice to get two points, but take the one point and move on, get to New York games coming up and then back to back. So no still points to be had. In a wild day for local college basketball, Maryland beat Minnesota 70 54 despite a rough first half shooting. The turf scored 19 points off 15 Minnesota turnovers and now advanced to face Indiana for a second 9 p.m. tip off in as many nights. Georgetown announced Patrick Ewing is out after 6 seasons in which his final two campaigns were historically bad winning only 13 total games and setting a big east record with a 29 game conference losing skid like Ewing, Mike Brennan coached American to only one NCAA tournament appearance and was fired after ten seasons. The NFL awarded Washington one of only two third round level compensatory draft picks based on free agency, getting the 97th overall selection due to the loss of Brandon sheriff last year, the commander is also getting additional 6th rounder, the ravens, meanwhile, they don't have any compensatory picks for the first time in 13 years. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Thanks rob as always to 27 and update on traffic and weather just around this message is for Sean and my mom who just finished her high school diploma. I wanted to say I'm so proud of you for finishing school. You'll tell me it's never too late to achieve your dreams. I hope to make you as proud as you have made me. When you graduate, they graduate. Finish your high school diploma for you and for them. Visit your diploma dot org to find free and supportive

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