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Two what sports the dead right fazlur the thirty hi yes yes this text six nine five ninety five sports hub oh by before too ryan johnston mike flynn nfl camps are open we will be down at a training camp tomorrow live from gillette stadium i can we count at the interceptions the fumbles the it's hard i like watch no that's pretty good view for where we are but it it's just like we need to get those cords the little bit longer like it's where he we kit lake it's hard to talk and do the show as we walked because the court just little few try to go into the thing comes off i know it's windy out there today i hope you to remember the time we italy bringing inside the wind is brutal a wall we had that one word there is like a thunderstorm rolled through that to as we had a we had duckie in sidon due to show from a closet yes saw the a picture you said yesterday the people up on the ah the ramps are which honestly it's not a bad bed to watch practice like you're not as far away as you think and you can cut a see everything but i don't think it it it usually the first day of bitter was it like that today saturday's use your good good day sunday's a day arrests they arrest.

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