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Us his sterile d collided with a tanker ship off japan killing seven american sailors in august 201710 sailors died aboard the us as john s mccain and another crashed near singapore the navy determined that both accidents could have been avoided and the commanders of all ships were dismissed the us geological survey says the meteor caused the bright light and bang over the detroit area late tuesday as wdts quinn klinefelter's reports experts say the blast was so strong that it felt like a small earthquake it was just after eight in the evening eastern standard time when numerous reports began surfacing about an explosion above metro detroit social media flooded with video of what one person called a flash bald going off the sky followed by a massive boom officials with the us geological survey confirmed the event was a meteoric breaking up the atmosphere in spectacular fashion there are no reports of anything hitting the ground but there are eyewitness accounts at the flash was visible from illinois to ohio the explosion also reportedly caused buildings to shake from detroit to on tario canada for npr news i'm quite inclined filter in detroit on wall street stocks closed lower weighed down by industrial and technology shares the dow jones industrials fell 10 points the nasdaq lost 37 the s and p500 dipped nine on asian market shares are mixed higher in shanghai this is npr news washington support for mpr comes from npr stations other contributors include the ford foundation working with visionaries on the.

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