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Joe banner longtime executive in the NFL and certainly in Philadelphia and there was a trade atop the NFL Draft yesterday that normally would make big time news if it wasn't a national championship Monday between Kansas and North Carolina that turned out to be a heck of a game and then now Tiger Woods y'all are saying as of right now going to play in the masters and it looks like he's going to be out there on Thursday right in the middle of the morning ten 30 something local time and Augusta national, he said today not only as of right now is he going to play, but he was asked point blank, does he think that he has the ability to win the masters this year? I do. That was his answer. And he didn't stutter. And he stared down wherever asked the question, I do. And he didn't smile. He didn't smirk. This is it, man. He's locked in. It's head on. It's masters week. I do. It's masters week. And so we'll talk about that with Ian O'Connor, who joins us in our number three. He wrote the book literally on coach K and has been covering Tiger for quite some time. And he writes for the New York Post. So we'll ask him about who's going to start opening day for the mets. I'm free. You just be careful. Look both ways before crossing the street to get to flushing Meadows, New York. Joe banner will join us in again 18 minutes time to give us a heads up on what he thinks the saints were up to and what the eagles got and what their long-term plan a quarterback may be. They now have a little bit more flexibility. And next year is draft. They already have the flexibility in this year's draft, and the question is who might fall to them and where will the quarterbacks wind up? And we've got one of the top quarterback prospects available in this year's draft joining us right now on the Mercedes Benz van's phone line. All miss quarterback Matt corral. How are you doing Matt? I'm doing good. How much so? I'm doing fine. So what's April looking like for you right now? You've got visits lined up, walk me through what you're weak and rest of the month looks like for you right now. Well, as soon as the combine ended, I got yeah, I got to Zoom meetings. I got the private workouts and the visits. It's coming up, starting next week. Was supposed to go to New Orleans last Thursday, but due to weather, we had to postpone it. But tomorrow I'm going to go to Orange County and see my guy, John Beck, and get some work in, and it's a constant work every single day, but you got to love it because you only do this once. And I'm about to start doing what I was dreaming of doing when I was a kid. Yeah, I mean, I guess this is going to be the most traveling in a month you do. Maybe for the rest of your life, you know? You never know. So what's your itinerary? So you rescheduled New Orleans. I imagine and who else are you going to go pay a visit to? You're going to see. I want to say a panther steelers. I want to say Atlanta and there's eagles. Okay. So those are the ones that are there any that you already seen outside of them. Personally. No, I mean, I remember going to the NFLPA and I remember visiting the eagles facility. I remember just being in awe going there. That was pretty it was a pretty cool fun experience. Well, other than your personal physical health and how you're recovering from your bowl game injury. What's the most often or common question that's being asked of you that Carell in this process? You know, I would say just what type of leader I am? And I think that's just a common question that I've been asked frequently and I just tell them like I'm a servant leader and I wouldn't ask anybody to do something that I wouldn't do. And they know that because I'm constantly showing that on a day to today basis. And that's the answer you provide. Give me the answer that you provide to that. No, that is the answer. Okay. It's short and sweet, but. It answers everything. Because I mean, you ask anybody in that facility, they'll tell you. And your decision to play in your bowl game. Are you asked about that at all? Matt? Yes, sir. I mean, I've been asked the other assets as well. I knew I would never be in that position without my teammates. Specifically, everybody that has contributed from scout team to just being just. Being the ball black, I feel like everybody takes credit for being a part of being a part of this, the team that we have. I would have never been in that spot without those guys. And I think that I don't think they really understood that because it never crossed my mind that I wasn't going to play. The only reason why I had to make it make it a thing and announce that is because people were coming up to me on my team. Asking me if I was going to play. And that had never even crossed my mind. And that was something that was a curve ball just because I didn't think people would be thinking that, but I let them know, I want to say this was after the state game, or even the season. And I went in that next Saturday and I just wanted to let her that Friday and I wanted to let them know that exactly what I just said. I wouldn't be in this position without you guys and I'm going to give it all until it's over. Well, what was going through your mind when you got hurt in that game? My heart was in my throat. We've never met, you know? I just watched that and I got sick to my stomach, seeing that because I was wanting to see you at the combine and see you work out and I didn't know how serious it was and things like that. What was going through your mind on the sideline that day? My first thought was my family. And then right after my family was just my journey, I just thought it was over. I didn't know how bad or what had happened, but I just knew it hurt her a lot. And the pain wasn't settling at all. Like, it just kept going up and up and up, and I was just like, this is not good in my head. And I just remembered like not being able to put weight on it and it was scary. It was scary, definitely just because I had no idea what had happened and I'm grabbing my ankle and I can't feel it. And I'm blessed to finally find out that it was just a high ankle sprain, and there's no brakes or tears. And that I made a full recovery. Matt corral here on the rich eisen show. I heard your phone buzzed before, was at Brett Michaels texting you, Matt? Necessarily. I mean, I've talked to Brett throughout this process. He really wants me to land Pittsburgh. I was that was my next question because he was here in studio last month, Matt, and he didn't need me to bring your name up. He was talking about you and your family. He considers you family and loves you and man, does he want you to be the next quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the worst way? Big time. Yeah, I mean, I have the utmost respect for the Michael family. I mean, what they've done for me is something that something that I can never repay them for, you know, they're there for me and tough times and helping me through.

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