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December fourth happy birthday to the jigger, man. Jay Z's forty nine today. You know, sad that you still he said the other thing that sets national shaggy day today. See you remember how can I forget right mayor proclaimed years ago after something today is national shaggy day for the city. So it's just the city of Virginia Beach Nash because the mayor of can't like national like it. It is also national cookie day today and Alice celebrate that I think some cookie places are giving away free cookies. I think MRs fields, Debbie. Oh, lord. I think she's giving away free. Cookies today. Debbie, Debbie and see if I can get a free cookies, I need a, thanks. So don't quote me on that. Don't go there and go was see one of four said free cookies. So I want my free cookies, but I think they are they do give you a free cookie. Be like Zun afford told me about exactly right. They're friends with Debbie. Debbie. We have Martin Lawrence tickets coming up. We gotta get the info about that show. Okay. So we'll do that in a second. Also in about twenty minutes, today's Z Madonna going after a lady Gaga, a ripping off again, this is just so petty. It's great. I also want to hear from the ladies were listening to morning this dude proposed in a most unusual way. And it's not one of those fake like we're in an airplane is going to go down and crash. Then you surprise us. Just kidding. I'm going to bear you. It wasn't anything. Like it wasn't in a sporting event. But it was unusual. How he did this? And I want to know if you think this is a good idea or a bad idea because the result of the reviews on this are very mixed on whether or not it's a good idea or not. But I..

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