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I'm Scott Simon there now more than twice as many suicides homicides in the United States. Police officers are particularly effective. Lists Wales husband David was an LAPD officer. She recalls how we'd look at video from his body camera. And I remember looking at this man thinking, I don't know how you can do this and savvy after so much time. He couldn't what loved ones of police who have taken their lives have learned and later, the weekend politics, immigration and investigation, the history of a storied Hollywood hideaway and Cold War Cuban-American radio soaps and the story of agent, double-o nine, I our newscast Saturday may eighteen two thousand nineteen. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Barbara Klein, Iran's foreign minister, Javad, Zarif is dismissing the possibility of war despite escalating tensions with the US Washington is added sanctions on Iranian oil exports and increase the US military presence in the Persian Gulf, the BBC's Alan Johnston reports the Iranian Foreign Minister mister, zero said Tehran didn't want war with the US, and he suggested that the Americans were away that they couldn't take on Iran earlier, the retired US, general David portrays also played down the danger of conflict. He believes President Trump will heed warnings from his ministry, not to take action against Iran. Suggesting will they would be even harder than it was in Iraq for the general added it would be suicidal for Iran to attack the US and? His allies in the region. The BBC's Alan Johnston Austria's deputy chancellor and leader of a far right populist party is resigning. NPR Sylvia Pohjola reports, video has surfaced apparently showing him offering government contracts in exchange for campaign money, Heinz, Christians throb step down over what he called the catastrophic video. He said it was Dom. It was irresponsible. And it was a mistake, but insisted he did nothing illegal fighting back tears. He claimed it was targeted political assassination to German papers published extracts of a convert video in which Trump is purportedly offering government contracts to a Russian woman opposition parties are calling for snap elections, only a year and a half after Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz formed, go, Alicia with his conservative party and stock his hard right party. So if people Jolie, NPR news, former vice president and democratic presidential contender. Joe biden. Campaigns in Pennsylvania today, President Trump holds a rally in the state Monday Pennsylvania, isn't typically in early stop in primary campaigns. But NPR's Don gonyea reports Trump's narrow victory there in twenty sixteen has Democrats on notice. Here's the usual drill before a presidential election in Pennsylvania, by the time the state holds its primary, most other states have voted. But this time some Democrats are targeting Trump's base, Elizabeth Warren was in Philadelphia this past Monday, Beto Aurore caz, been through Joe Biden held his very first official campaign rally at a Pittsburgh Teamsters hall, and Bernie Sanders attended a town hall in Bethlehem and rallied supporters in Pittsburgh in April already pushing back against all of this is President Trump, his rally this coming Monday in the town of Montoursville will be his six in the state since his election. Don gonyea, NPR news. This is NPR from K Q, weedy news. I'm Tiffany, Cam, high Berkeley city. Officials issued a measles warning yesterday and is advising anyone who visited Berkeley bowl on may seventh to be on the lookout for symptoms. If they're not immunized on that day resident who contract the virus entered the store on Oregon street between three pm and five PM, the first stage of symptoms include runny, nose, red eyes, cough and fever. They usually show up seven to twenty one days after exposure measles is highly contagious, and cough or sneeze can linger in the air for up to an hour about ninety percent of people who are not immunized contract. The virus by inhalation San Francisco, judge is ordering state. Attorney general, Javier, Sarah, to start producing files on police shootings and misconduct cake. You Alex reports it's a major milestone under the state's new police transparency law. The attorney. General has taken a contradictory position on. Senate Bill fourteen twenty one which at the start of this year opened up long sealed records on police sexual assault dishonesty and serious. Use of force Sarah says office shouldn't have to provide records about local police or sheriffs. But acknowledges now that the court has directed him to release details on his agents KiKi Dee joined the San Rafael based first amendment coalition in a lawsuit against Sarah, executive director, David Snyder, the.

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