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Results may vary by each individual cat because they're also different goodbye. Okay so you may have already heard of this but this is a very disturbing of course. Very awful story of the rosewood massacre. Okay so let me tell you. Some broad strokes. There's a movie directed by john. Singleton and starring ving rains that you can watch but for this story. Some of the sources the tampa bay times which used to be called the saint petersburg time So i kind of reference both. But there's an article revisiting rosewood. Truth be told by dan. Dewitt article from the guardian called rosewood massacre a harrowing tale of racism. And the road toward reparations by jessica glenda. There's of course. Wikipedia has the rosewood massacre article. There is rosewood massacre On a website called black past dot org and that article is by. Trevor good low. There's a actually a website that's managed by the rosewood heritage foundation remembering rosewood dot org. Okay so i'll tell you a little bit about this. So in nineteen eighty two investigative reporter. For what's now called the tampa bay times. But the time was the saint petersburg times named gary moore. He drives to a city called cedar key..

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