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Who listens to our podcast all the time. And reads the hungry girl, daily emails, you might be able to stand over the case and pick the balls in the boxes and know what to do, like you could unravel the rap and eat all the Turkey out of it, or you could only half the bread in some cases or skip if something is like a big player fruit and cheese, you'd only have a couple of cubes of the cheese. But if you're not savvy, I'd say that there is a best bet and we actually are gonna try one of them right now. It is the chicken and keen wa protein bowl, which has four hundred twenty calories, but that includes the dressing. Oh, wow. I want to say too, by the way, I'm pretty savvy. I looked at all of these, and I couldn't have told you which ones we're going to be lower and higher. It was a little bit because there's a few that look salad like this. There's a lentil and rice one and that one's loaded with calories. This one is a much better bet. And you're right. This does look like a salad. I mean it is. Chemo approaching, so it is it's mixed greens. And then, you know, it's very beautifully sort of prepared. There's like a little pile of tomatoes. There's some grilled chicken. There's keen wa it looks nice. But I don't see that where's the dressing? It's a pretty big too. Yes. It's a big bowl. I feel like you could like sit in this bowl. Well, there's the dressing tightening tape. On the sides. Hold on. While you do that. I'm going to pull up with actually on that because I see some Firoz one. Oh, it was also hidden their corn. See now that I put the took the lid off, and it must smell good because Lally like jumped up and she's ready to try them. Just here's whenever is opening. Try this Sweden ex-great grilled chicken. Chilli vinaigrette fresh greens tomatoes roasted corn black beans, hiccup pep Rica. And how do you say Kuteesa chiefs to Katina's cheese is he? So this has twenty seven grams of protein. This is Jamie size lunch. Yes, especially because you know what? It's not overly keen watt. But the ads adds a nice touch. And it gives it some texture, and it is a little more filling just sitting on top of lettuce. Yeah. I gotta like nice if they miss named this. It's definitely a salad with keen, wa and not a keen wobble. Yes. But people feel better about it. If they think it's a key mobile I was once on an airplane. Ever told this story, I've been on an airplane more than once, but this one particular time I was flying. And I had to listen to the flight attendant. She was British. It was British Airways flight. And she was giving people a choice between the salad with chicken on it, or that quinoa bowl, and she said, at, like five hundred times, and I just wanted to be like keen wa I don't say quinoa and the UK. This is really good where the plane is flying over. They changed the this is like super fresh, like most packets allies. I feel are not like fresh tasting. This is super fresh. It looks amazing. And I love this Hickam gonna try to them. The Hickam is so fresh and crunchy. It's nicely spiced. The paprika really add something smokey that's super flavorful, how many calories and the whole thing it's four hundred twenty including the dressing. Wow. But I don't know. I would be happy as hacked to get that an airport if I were sometimes you're like looking for last minute lunch at an airport. I'd be thrilled to find that. That is a good plain dinner. We don't mean plane tasting but. Plane as an zoom zoom across the sky thumbs up. Starbucks good job on that one. To wash it down was really good. I'm going to have another. Okay. Another good bowl believe it or not the eggs and cheese bowl. And what that really is. It's hard, boiled eggs. They give you a little role that if you fruit peanut butter, so you can mix and match. But if you ate that whole I don't mean the plastic everything inside of four hundred seventy calories, but I usually dipped the yolks. So you save some there..

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