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Sincere. My kitty teaching ninth grade English. So my, he wrote a thesis on colonialism since and conversation with the marginal system in love with Jesus and y'all still thought a witch couldn't wrap, maybe this your answer and for that good kiddie, since I know brothers only talk about money and good kitty sensor. Artists artists that are liking. You make me censor your stuff. You don't even know. This next song, prayer, song, prayer, prayer, songs, it's one of my favorite cells on the record. Don't wanna talk to you guys about that. So see the production has less more fuel to it with powerful lyrics pack, quite a punch. The song starts off with percussion that sounds spacing trap. Like at the same time, playing off playing off of the rim stare kick drum. The space is slow in bold one note style time. At one point, you can hear the song actually reversing for a few for a few seconds. The jumps change go from snare to symbols. This rhythm along with a single note based to get the song no-name uses sexism metaphor to breakdown America has screwed over the American people through police brutality obesity, heart disease, transportation, racism, login, unnecessary, plastic surgery and materialism. So yeah, as you can see, she's not your average. See, I'm so here's some lyrics from that song. Once again, call prayer song. If you wanted to help me and kiss me and love me later, censor gentrify all my people. There's emptiness on the table. If you want me to put inside the cuss, put the cigarette in my back, keep hospitals overrun run, run, run chicken, little. How are you? Gonna run if craps how am I gonna run off craps and giggles. Politicians overzealous with the provolone Qaboos and instant in incidentals don't crash rental. It's gotten in temple and bible. Don't nobody got no holy. Everybody got an iphone if you want to help me kiss me and censor love me. Good, good, good tonight. Angle would tonight l. a. b. bright but still dark city..

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