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It can't see Found Yannis. Who now has 37 11 76. Bucks dead. Davis, Um Bucks Radio Yannis, leading the expected buck surge in Game three of the finals. 41 points. 13 rebounds, six assists over 38 minutes. His head coach, Mike Budenholzer. He's a great playmaker. He's a great passer. Um, you know, he's a great screener. He does so many things, and I think when he's conscious of, you know of of doing a little bit of everything, Um, you know, he's very capable. And that's when he's at his best box. Close the 2nd and 3rd quarters on huge runs to cool off the sons, 1 21 100, cutting their deficit 2 to 1 in these finals. Janis joined Shock is the only players with back to back 40 10 games in the finals. He also got help. Last night drew Holiday at 21 on five threes. Chris Middleton scored 18 with six assists. Chris Paul of the Sons with 19 and nine helpers, but Devin Booker just 10 points, DeAndre eight and limited to 24 minutes because of found trouble. Two days off before Game four on Wednesday night. The Magic officially hired Mavs assistant Jamal mostly as head coach Yesterday. The 42 year old reportedly gets a four year deal. British police are now investigating racist social media attacks on the three English players that Ms PKS against Italy yesterday. Marcus Rashford's Jadon, Sancho and Sokka Are all black. A mural of rash for the Manchester was also defaced last night on the field here in the States. The US men beat Haiti one Nothing in K C to store group play at the Gold Cup back goal from Sam Vines in the eighth minute Up. Next is Martinique on Friday. Depending on who you ask. This is a great or a terrible way to hit the All Star break. The 11 and two They.

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