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Now don't do that with your mouth revelry. That's good emails. What you're gonna do those either. What's your inbox. yes shall we get straight into it. I mean yeah. This is our favorite people. Love them get all the small talk. Let's just get right. Let's do it wants to go first. Well you go. I don't look i'll go. She don't she. I'm gonna cheat. I was about to cheat. Because i know that thousand puts like a sad warning. I was trying not to get that one but maybe it will work out my favorite here. we go. Hi cain oliver. Amy here longtime listener. First-time emailer currently residing in a two bedroom estate in south philadelphia. Hashtag gobert i. Your podcast is thoroughly enjoyable. And i'm envious of the relationship that you have with each other. Having a close relationship with my brother is something that i've always wanted for as long as i can remember but if there's one thing i've learned in this life you can't force anyone to like you love you or want to be your friend. And that includes a sibling especially when one sibling is in therapy. I e me and the has chosen to stuff the issues way. Way down eew. I just finished listening to the episode. How to get over yourself with dr mark epstein and i have to say the analogy of driving with the windows down hair blowing in the wind singing along to a tune and being totally free really stuck. A court struck accord with me. I know those moments. I love those moments and it never really dawned on me. How really free. Those moments truly are clear head. Clear heart pure epic joy so true so true as my subject line states It was a mini aha moment of sorts. Something to store in the back of my brain and remember to try to live life. As if i'm riding down the highway scream singing to some ethically nostalgic tune and just let go of all the things i think are holding me back. Thank you for the podcast. And the gift of this aha moment cheers. Amy yes yes. The nostalgic portion of my pandemic is in full swing. I just finished watching season. Six of dawson's creek and eighty. Joey should've totally ended up together. Twenty-something self was all in on pace. I forty something self would choose eddie a heartbeat bad doling ami the best ali that bunny i love that email such a good email. It does feel good email. And how gray was dr epstein. I just loved him so much Found out after that. I got a phone call from a friend who will remain nameless. Who called me and said that's my therapist. What you're so lucky. So great and then he said is. Because i still have so many problems. Nobody was kidding. He was totally kidding. You said he's the most amazing therapist but yeah it was really really cool and i loved him. But you're right like it's so good to have those certified in in your brain rolodex of visuals things that feel role that that driving down the highway moment you know i feel like everybody can relate to that. I'm so glad that she wrote that. In oh i know i know it's true. She says you can feel that. I love these moments. It's like. I love those moments to so great. What song what song do you think you'd be playing well. It depends on the era of my life. Because i i've those momentary and they are to a certain song saw what about forget about. Forget about what you've done in the past. Let's just say you're on the east coast of lonely highway. The sun is amazing. Beautiful and you're on a beach strip of beach and there's like the dunes you know sort of the the grassy dunes and you're just flying down sort of two lane highway you know. What song are you blasting in your convertible like don henley these suburban That's good that's a good. It's got like this beat to it. That's like when you hear it when you hear beast of burden i'm just.

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