Newsradio, Jeff, Oregon discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Gorilla glass way aksener he's a member lau yeah no tending now iheartradio fleiss tucker in here is nice because it formed leading no happen on newsradio 1410 wdov ten wdov chevrolet six seven three three seven hundred this triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred let's go to jeff in oregon hijacked you're on ground zero leak aims that yeah hey we're listen to you all the time so it's great to be on the air and he'd animal you go ahead yeah hey so we were i was with my wife legacy when the shooting happened we went down for herbert and we're santhia ballet's hotel then we were luckily we were not on this trip when it took place we ended up being done on fremont and the point of the story that it wanted to make was uh when we get back to our hotel you could he from bali hotel which is pretty far away from mgm grand bird from the uh mental at bay even see the window shut out from our hotel room and it was pretty obvious from most of the strip but when we went and started watching the video of the incident and all of that stuff it's not obvious that the windows are shut out at mando obey so it just seemed on and off so is wondering if you had to take on that i i wouldn't really i would take on that day until i can get more information every thing about it is strange what we are finding go as refining names and addresses in places and businesses and things that he was associated with as a matter of fact as i said earlier uh you know the value of a lotta fewer comparing him to bury seal which of course he flew drugs an amoco to the contras that's what we have a chip tatum on because he knew berry uh but i think we're finding out something else is a little darker that i may relate in the next hour but i don't know anything about the window situation the idea here is that i i stumbled upon and address and i'm trying to get some information on it but i'm getting the feeling that may be the reason why we're not hearing more about steven paddock is that his planes were.

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