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So I'm pretty sure that everyone's sort of the haunted doll Annabelle. It's been featured in the conjuring movies in has even had some prequels made about it highly inaccurate prequels but imaginative ones nonetheless. Well the Annabelle doll does exist. It's not as creepy looking as looks in the movies but it is real thing. The doll is really just a plain old ordinary raggedy. Ann Doll just cloth stuffing and and not really outward the creepy looking at all despite the conjuring movie prequels about Annabel. The origins of Adul- are unknown. But what is known? As that nine hundred seventy. It was bought at an antique store. The buyer then gave it to her daughter who was a nursing student named Deidre Dadri had always had a fascination with our whole life but she was an adult now being twenty eight years old and let normal apartment with a roommate and now we just had a normal life. She loved her dog election so much that she treated her dolls. Like real little girls even giving them jewelry and whatnot. The animal dull itself had a bracelet and was given a lot more attention in its tired than an average person. Most likely would give. Adult injury was really excited about the gift from her mother. And at first everything was normal. That is Intel. One morning the roommate spoke up to a strange parchment paper being found on the floor and this was incredibly bizarre to them because none of them even owned any parchment paper it seemed just popped up out of thin air but even weirder there was a message written on the parchment. It said. Help me pretty creepy. But this was just one of many creepy messages to come. Many more parchment notes were left by Annabelle and the stuff that would have been necessary to make them or not anywhere in the apartment. Instead of instantly jumping to the conclusion of haunted doll they reasonably thought that someone must have been sneaking in the apartment and playing a horrifying unwanted prank on them both agreed that there had been some sort of invader in their home so they set up traps of sorts like Putting Scotch tape on doors and things of that nature so if anyone opened any doors there would be evidence that they did so they did this for a while and well. None of the traps they set up showed any signs of encamped with there was no way that anyone had been in the apartment and they got even more creeped out anyway because the only thing net did move in the house was Annabelle Doll. The roommate started noticing that it was always left in different positions like its arms and legs being posed differently and sometimes the positions that Dole was found in seemed to be pointing at something other still. Was that the doll was constantly being found in places where the roommates had not left it. Annabel seemed to teleport from room to room. The girls were very very much beginning to get very uneasy and in Erie. Energies seemed to permeate the apartment causing them to be in a permanent state of anxiety. One night the two came home along with. Dj's roommates fiance and when they opened the door. There was Annabel kneeling somehow. Just right there in front of the door all they can do is just stand there in shock and I know that that doesn't sound very scary but this was a stuffed doll. It's literally impossible that it could have held that hose on its own. Not only that but deirdre swore to others that she had left. Annabel locked in her room before they left he picked up doll and try to profit and the kneeling position once more but all had no joints and it was impossible to put. Annabel back into that position. It just flopped over like the rag doll was soon after histories boyfriend started having nightmares the doll choking him and one particular night he woke up from one of these night terrors and found annabel sitting on his chest his staffy grabbed the dog and threw it across the room but then he noticed that he was bleeding from four slashes through his shirts somehow he was cut while sleeping and didn't wake up. He looked across the room at the raggedy Ann. Don Floor and really really did not want to believe that it could have been the doll but there wasn't any logical answer to what happened and more supernatural occurrences went on for some time until eventually did recalled at in lorraine worn when the warrants arrived. There is a quick visit. And of course Lorraine's psychic abilities picked up some thing unusual going on inside the apartment and depending on who you believe in what resources do look at when researching the NFL case. There's can there's conflicting there's contradictions about what went down one of those contradictions that the roommates were communicating with the doll who claim to be the ghost of a little girl and that they told it that was welcome and accepted and Arthur household. I guess this intern invited demon into their lives. And according to my research. It's very true that there's always an entity willing to step into the shoes and pretend to be another entity and a lot of times they'll try and fool you to letting them in while being very persuasive in deceitful because according to demon -nology a demon actually has to be invited into somebody's life somehow only the most powerful conveyed on their own. And it really didn't take long for ED. And Lorraine Warren to conclude that this entity haunting the Annabelle doll was indeed demonic using the raggedy Ann doll as like a portal or a anchor into the physical world. Suffice to say that they accepted the case and took the doll home with them. Where Ed Place Annabel on his desk to keep an eye on it when it started teleporting around doing it's creepy stuff again in a freak out too much because they're used to this kind of thing but after Ed came into the room and it was just levitating mid air a couple times. They decided they had to do a little bit more. About the doll and with ebbing super religious he called in a Catholic priest to attempt to exercise it cleanse it of the evil entity using it as an anchor but when the Catholic Chris derived he did not take the situation seriously even laughing and kind of making fun of the words but he did eventually agreed to go into the room exercise the Gulf for them however. That's not what the priests did. When he was all alone with Annabel he just mocked. It made fun of it. Didn't perform any rituals or do any sacred words or holy stuff. Or whatever he just antagonized the doll then left the room telling the warns the was done and took off and then he suffered a near fatal car accident. The Catholic priest did survive but he very very nearly died and when he recovered he told editor. Lorraine Warren that right before the crash he saw antebellum his review Mir looking at him from the back seat now convinced that whatever entity inhabited the doll was dangerous. They locked it up in a case that had a sign on it that said do not open in any case ever the case would be blessed and they did everything they could to make sure that. The demon was trapped in their bellator. Young man who was a skeptic didn't believe any of that stuff and started banging on the case making fun of animal. He died in a car crash on the way home so disrespecting Annabel could be fatal and you probably should not insult demons the Dallas still around and the locked up in that case residing in the Warren's Colt Museum but with a both the war instead it's now owned by their son-in-law and in various occasions a lot of rich people of tracking by Annabelle from him even offering up the two million dollars for the dull but he always declined the offers because he says he can't good conscience give anybody something so evil and dangerous also he honors the Warren's and knows that they considered it their duty to keep antebellum prison there but whatever demonic connection that entity had with the doll seems to kind of waned in recent years. Maybe it's because it's just stuck there and it's doesn't find it exciting or there's no one to mess with but the doll will always be famous for its horrifying paranormal activity. I just wish that there was more information. 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