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The world famous stuttering John podcast page or this camera is nice and clean so you can see my great looks and everything else. How is everybody doing? I'm sure you missed me. There's the PayPal if you want to fax donate to me directly PayPal. John Melendez ink and so that's the way to do it if any local already with a super stick tripod. She ate it and let me see who's in the room here. All my sister first one in the room the Candy Queen Philip Rat Pack. What's the best thing for making headlines corduroy pillowcases? Love it Mark be with the badge of any luck with the fans Tracy honest Nikki be my choice either a touring friend Frank my brother-in-law Charlie who was taking a lot of time off from the Chocolate Factory lately we have who else here we have. Let's see shorty one is here a lot to talk about so much to talk about. It's not even funny JM van DeWitt Sally Bieber with the bed Sally. I didn't see it here last time. I hope you know that I I'm sorry. I didn't see you super chat last time so I thank God. You and if you if you have something that you wanted to say, please just let me know and I will get a question or whatever. My mom is here but us just got off the phone with my mom while I was honoring Starbucks after my hiked along. Let's see Aunt Edna love it is here Mark covid-19 T3 about time slack or will we have a reason why the shows a month later today Patrick J is here. Ziggy is here Union moonshine or 55 Tammy Pearson from Facebook William Zavala and home address everything as soon as I go through the roll call. Sean's Dukes is here John deaf artist cavallin from Facebook. We got a lot more people on Facebook. I love it. So long, you know, even though the YouTubes doing well Facebook and Twitter also starting to pick up Susan Richard E from Facebook and Martha Salinas with the bad Gigi by the sea. Let's talk about Traders and perverts. Let's see Gillian New York City 212. How are you? Julian? I said Patrick J. I believe Jose Foxwell music. Thanks for the super chance. I don't know if I got them. But thank you. YouTube is kind of like, I don't know sometimes sometimes it works. Sometimes. It doesn't know what the hell else. I can't explain self is here. I can't explain how you to believe me L Robin from cattle Lion of Judea agree to TK Teresa Kohl. Di McCann re is Claudia Garcia Benny logo with the Super Chat and Maxwell Addison majoring in Madison Joni mcgillick. And there we are there we are. So okay. Why is the show later than usual while it's very.

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