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Always find a way. No, we're just toying with them. That is certainly a stretch after the blues played the Bruins to win game four in Saint Louis and even the series the blue. They're a formidable opponent. I don't know if we took them seriously, you know, as we should have now the pre series chatter about a sweep has been modified still no official word on captains Dana chara, who did not practice with the team yesterday, Taunton. Authorities are on the hunt for suspected arsonists five suspicious. Fires reported and a matter of hours overnight. WBZ's James Rojas. They're good morning, James. Good morning, dab. I just spoke to Tun deputy fire chief Scott, Dexter, who says. In his thirty four years of a firefighter at this is the first time he's ever come across anything like this. Now, this all began just before eleven thirty last night when firefighters were called to a truck fire on where street, they put that fire out in about thirty minutes, but not too long after firefighters. They get another call further down the street to a bakery where a fire was burning in the basement. So while firefighters are dealing with death fire a person who lives next door tells firefighters said her in her backyard. If now ablaze now in firefighters began handling dad, another neighbor down the street comes up and tells them their porches on fire to more structure fires. Pop up afterwards sports, Nellie. No one was hurt. One person who masks, the description of a suspected arsonist was detained but later released because of a lack of evidence. Meanwhile, police and firefighters are continuing to investigate the string of fires. We should be getting an update later this morning, reporting live and ton James, Rojo's, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio and James firefighters Milton. Also called to ablaze early this morning that broke out around three on Hillcrest road. And in Drake, crews responded to an overnight fire onto Elizabeth Dr Catherine Greg, the longtime girlfriend of Whitey Bulger is due to be released from prison this month. She has spent nearly ten years in federal prison in Minnesota for helping Bolger while he was a fugitive. They spent sixteen years on the Ron before being captured in Santa Monica, California, and twenty eleven Greg will be released, June, sixteenth and transferred to a halfway house. Embar barstool county Bolger was beaten to death in prison at the age of eighty nine YouTube announces updates to its hate speech policies affective immediately YouTube will ban videos, alleging that group is superior in order to justify discrimination. Segregation or exclusion YouTube has been under pressure to deal with certain material that appears on the site, but freedom of speech groups have been warning about over century coming. It could be the key to landing that dream job. Keep it right here. It's five thirty three traffic.

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