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I mean, like the boy, 11 curve, and in 95 I mean, my goodness. I mean, it's It's amazing how many guys are just nasty. And we'll see if they walk a ton because that will be the difference. I mean, both never would stand for walks out of the pen. I would imagine that we're going to Seymour walks out of the pen. But, man, they got a lot of nasty arms well, and you don't even mention Tyler Rogers, who doesn't even touch 90 on the gun. However, hey, started the game went 123 with two strikeouts, and we saw what he did at the end of last year. He is, Ah, perfect Giant because we're sitting here talking right now about it's a wacky season. It's a wacky team, and he might be the wackiest delivery I've ever seen where he almost touches the ground is he's throwing. He's a problem. So I mean this. This is the one thing I look at with this season. If you want to find teams that are supposed to do well, that might not, and then teams that aren't supposed to do well, that might To me the calling card of the Giants during the World Series years. We don't talk about him much. We talked about Lincecum, Cain and Bumgarner. We talkabout Posey. We talk about some of the hitters as well. The calling card when it comes to postseason baseball, and the reason why the Dodgers haven't actually broken through in the last decade is the word bullpen. Giants have always done it really? Well. Dodgers have always made that their last priority in a year where no one's going to throw more than three or four innings for the first half of the season. Doesn't the bullpen become an even bigger focus and everything you just focused on? Doesn't that potentially bode well? Four teams that just have Ah lot of arms that have weird stuff going on. The teams have not seen before, and you're going to keep throwing it at him all the time. Lefty righty righty Lefty. That that that's going to be a thing that's going to be a thing this year. I think all year long and I just I mentioned you yesterday show that of capital Start off with the righty Gausman and then went lefty lefty lefty right behind him. I could see him playing games like that this year, trying to gain advantages in the early innings and And we'll see if it works, But we haven't named guys like Sam Selman, who was I think, struck out the side last night. Jarland Garcia had a good spring with this team. Tony Watson's obviously the guy who's the established veteran. Race, Moran to could come off the late in the year. Maybe. I mean, they just got a lot of arms, so I don't know. You know the thing about it, too. Last night was weird. The ball was jumping now. Is that proof mentioned that the they closed the port walk right viewing area because people in the city of San Francisco doesn't want. You know, people congregating, right? They're congregating at all. And that would be a congregation spot. You would think s O. They just closed. Can you imagine how crowded that would be? If they open that thing up with the fact that no one can go to baseball games like It's kind of like the talk of Wrigley Field on top of the buildings across, you know, wave lender Sheffield or whatever it is out there in left field at Wrigley. If you have an opportunity to watch baseball from outside the season, Mike, you want to talk about a congregation. I can imagine thousands of people showing up trying to watch the right field Fats. Oh, my goodness. They don't want that. But the ball was jumpin. We'll talk more about the giant because they were very interesting. The last couple nights, but well, it's a giant's heavy show. Kirk Reader's going to join us at 2 30 Hang Schulman at three o'clock. The great Robb Nen is going to be in the house, Love Robin and man and we have talked to him in a while, He'll be by at four o'clock and shooting Babbitt, our good friend. Is going to buy us well, and you know, we're going to take some phone calls, so ate away. Can't br we've got some open line time after Hank Schulman in the three o'clock hour and we'll definitely have sometime towards the end of the show to pound out some phone calls, but we'll take your calls. What do you think? You know, Mark and I have got to come up with a wage, right? I mean, last year I've so far we should count up exactly what I've lost to you, but I've yet to beat you in a bet. Yeah. I don't want to count it up. I have it right here in my hip pocket. If you want. I've got a What is your What's the ledger? Well, the running total like we're in the back room of the bottom being right now, settling up the running total financially right now is hovering at about $135 but much more expensive for you. Was the entire week in a thong, for which we're still owed another day, And that will forever be a point of contention. No other day. I know the there was still a day left over and then it just kind of dissipated because no one wanted to be that person that I kept having to check and see if you were actually wearing it. And then the quarantine have checkers, though we did have check. We did we did And thank God. I was never one of those people. But but anyway, so I think we're $135. Ah, weak in a thong, and all told, I'm 50 But the world is giving us a message right now, By putting us together the day before the season starts. There absolutely has to be a wager. And Larry, I do have the first proposal for you whenever you're ready. Okay, we'll get to that. That's a great tease. I'll get you your veteran radio guy. You've done this before. This is Infact the way you have worked in every time slot more..

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