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Back. Jimbo had a show at 18665, Jimbo 1866554626. We're talking with Dr Robert Lahey to of the Rutgers Medical School, based in New Jersey, is also known as Dr Bob. And to learn more about, uh, the doctor Bob Show here but later on, But right now I call from Brian in the Ozark, Missouri. Hello, Brian. Okay. We go to Gina in Valdosta, Georgia. Good evening. Um, General, I have a question for the doctor. Um where's the dog? This very strong bloodlines had a very big bold out and he was very sick one time, and the vet said that he would not have made it. Had his blood. I've not been so strong, but, um he's a big bulldog. And what was he sick of? I'm just add. Is that you? You brought it up? What? What was what was wrong with him? Well, eventually, I'm not sure what it was but similar to like parvo, but he survived it, and everybody stayed at the vets for like 10 days. But any help? That was a couple years ago. Now his nose was running rough sex. He's a sergeant doesn't want to play and he could tell he was just sitting silver the laid in his cage, but we took him to the vent. They gave him and the antibiotic. Okay. Came home a little better take them back and gave another child of antibiotic came back and still didn't want to player got, uh and Right? Um, the third time they gave him some kind of a different shot that they said this. We're going to try this right now. He seems to be doing a little better. But the sickness and his nose like she couldn't get it out of his nose, right? I'm wondering if your dog could catch carry coverage. All right. Interesting question. Of course. Dr. Bob is not a doctor of veterinary medicine. But and it doesn't sound as though Your dog has a has symptoms that would necessarily relate to this. For the record. Do we have any examples of, uh of covid 19 impacting other than humans? Uh, we do Covid 19 does, in fact, particularly some of the mammals like minks. You may remember that in Denmark, A couple of million minks were destroyed last year because of an infection of Covid 19, which went right through the whole The whole I guess you could call it a herd. Of mink owners, and there's actually a shortage of Meeks right now because of Covid infecting them Now, as far as dogs go, I am told that I am told by the vets and I'm not a veterinarian, so I'm not I can't really speak to this that they do not carry covid or coronavirus. The kind that infects us Now. One thing I might say that is of some interest to the lady that just called from, I guess. Valdosta, Georgia. Was that the bet used antibiotics to treat what he thought. Or she thought was a viral infection. And that's a no No. Now maybe the third shot they gave the dog was for viral infection, But viruses and bacteria are two different things. And you cannot treat a viral infection with an antibiotic. And that's one of our big problems in this country and probably in other parts of the world as well. You don't want to give antibiotics to knock out the microbiome of the bowel, For example, when you're dealing with vaccine Which require or need the biomom to be effective. And so unwarranted Use of antibiotics has been a big problem in this country. It has resulted in resistant bacteria. It has resulted in a lot of problems that are, uh, unfortunately, my colleague Promulgate. And these are doctors who should know better and treat viral infections with antibiotics that are strictly designed to treat bacteria and parasites. Fair enough. Fair enough. Fair enough. I believe I believe the collective of mixes a snobbery of mix, but I could be wrong. Uh, alright, could have just made that up like that. Let's go to Rick. Great. It's going to Rick and Tyler, Texas. Hello. Oh, my goodness. There's gotta be laughing, Jim. Sorry you for your service jail, Dr Bob. Uh, I hear everybody talking about the two Does vaccines needing boosters? What about the J and J. Yeah. The J and J. People actually came out last week and said their booster is great. They're booster will protect you from the delta. If I'm looking at my data year about 85 to 90% So J and J is not being left in the dust. In fact, if I had to get a vaccine right now, I'd probably get to J and J and get the J and J booster in about eight months. Interesting. Uh, how different Thank you for your call. By the way, Eric. How different is that? The J and J. Single shot vaccine from the two messenger RNA. Double shot vaccines. Moderna advice Well, There's all kinds of parameters you're using here. Now. They J and J has just come out with their booster. I don't know It's of course, Emergency use authorization right now. It's not been approved by the FDA, the only one approved by the FDA so far as the fighter bio intact. Vaccine being, you know that Jenny J vaccines totally different. It's not a messenger RNA. It's what we call a viral vector vaccine. It uses a harmless virus called an adenovirus, which is derived believe it or not from chimpanzees. I know that the anti-vaxxers go nuts when I say that, but it is an anti and adenovirus vector that carries particles. Of the Covid virus, and it's perfectly safe and overall, it is 85 to 90% effective in severe disease. It's 100% effective. So it's really great when I go down my list here and I look at it the defense against Delta. It's very, very good. It is 1.6 fold in producing antibody, and they're saying now that it's 90 90 95% effective. And protecting against Covid 19. So the JJ vaccine is not one to, uh to belittled by anything. They unfortunately have had some side effects that everybody's heard about inflammation of the heart in some young men. Very, very rare and blood clots in the brains of some women. Very, very rare. But these things happen when you're giving 151 190 million people, uh, you know, vaccine So you expect a few glitches here and there, and that's just the way our bodies are built. We're all different genetically, and we should keep in mind do some of the figures on the side effects are in the same category as your likelihood of getting struck by lightning or getting attacked by a shark. Probably less than being struck by lightning. I just We just had a kid here in New Jersey, struck by lightning yesterday, and it's not so rare if you're the only person on the beach and there's a thunderstorm, but I have to say it's even rarer than being struck by lightning. All right to Thomas in Arcadia, California for Dr Bob. Hi, Jim. Doctor. I had one question. Is it illegal to give somebody the Covid 19 vaccine without their permission? I believe it is illegal. Yes. Now That's an invasion of privacy. Frankly, and as a physician, I think I protect the individuals right to privacy and the right demands, you know, take care of their own body. Now, if you work for a company or you work for school system, you are told in advance. Well, hey, we're going to mandate We're going to make you take this vaccine or else you won't have a job. Well, that's the agency's prerogative. And legally with the now FDA approved vaccine by fighter, they can do that. And, as you may have heard here in Philadelphia school system and in the New York City school system right here, where I am, uh, that has been mandated for teachers, ancillary staff, et cetera in the school system. And it will be very long before bus drivers and cab drivers and uber guys and all that will be mandated to get the vaccine. But as a as a doctor, I feel that you're you have a right to privacy and you have a right to do with to your body. What is appropriate, But you need to be educated and understand what the ramifications of that art 18665 Jimbo 1866554626. And this messenger RNA. Is that the wave of the future for vaccines? Yes, Yes, Yes. Well, actually, it's not that new. You know, we've been using messenger RNA vaccine for about 10 years in other areas. We also have DNA vaccines as well. So this is the fact that this is now happening with Covid or coronavirus is as a novel. It's a novel way to attack the the virus by tweaking the immune system. And by the way, it doesn't change your genes. That doesn't change yourselves. It doesn't program. You believe me. I've heard them all. Yeah, 50. There are no computer chips being stuck in your body. Correct. You're right, Jim. All right. We got a week doesn't happen. We gotta we gotta pause. We're gonna come back with more calls 18665. Oh, Jimbo 1866554626, but Dr Robert La Vita. Dr Bob Back in a moment. News, Talk k u G and 5 90 AM and 98.1 FM, the duck station. 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