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You can't do it alone trust where you can't do loan. You need a positive influence around. You you need those positive people in your life, Kelly, tough Kelly, tough, always in my thoughts. Keep battling Jim you are an inspiration. Everybody Kelly tough and are Super Bowl Sunday show said well, we set up shop at target field. In front of a bunch of eagles fans and Maria menounos did not make any friends another one of my favorites. I love her Maria did not make any friends with her pats beanie and her Brady gamer he is the world's most passionate patriot. She is Maria menounos Maria is so awesome to see you. How are you? You were just upstairs with a bunch of patriot fans. Yeah. What do you make of this, bro? Are you? All right. All right. They're living up. She is the greatest is. So awesome, quiet. I'm not afraid of you. Or you're you're you're you, quiet. I have not seen a place torn on somebody like that since Bill plash key role through Green Bay in the nineties, but like plaschke's, she was not afraid. Why? All right. That's january. We were off to a great start. Remember, if you are participating and you want to hit me up on Twitter, do it. I'd love to see tweets. Just make sure you hash tag it with Rome. Y are hashtag Rome. Why are that way? When you end up on tweet tech. You can see what everybody is saying about the program. Hashtag, rome. Why are when we come back we roll into February? You do the math. You tell me if I'm gonna make the end of the program. Time now for a sports update. There you go. Sports flash. New Year's day bowl. Slate is already underway the outback bowl opening quarter. Mississippi State out to a three nothing lead over Iowa at the top of the hour the fiesta bowl, featuring UCF and LSU and the Citrus Bowl, pitting Penn. State against Kentucky later urban Meyer coaches his final game at Ohio State, the buckeyes play Washington in the Rose Bowl and Texas and Georgia get together in the sugarbowl reports say Dana Holger sin is leaving West Virginia to become the next head coach at Houston older. In was the Cougars offensive coordinator back in two thousand eight and two thousand nine a number of NFL. Head coaching interviews have reportedly been set up for the next few days. The Browns are set to be interviewing interim.

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